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First Year Fears

September is fast approaching and I’m sure a lot of you are getting nervous and excited about Uni already. In the couple of weeks before I started at Cardif, I spent a large amount of time worrying about pretty much everything that could go wrong at uni. I thought I would run through some of my pre-uni worries in an attempt to stop you guys worrying :)

1. It is easy to make new friends. I’ve spoken to loads of people who are super nervous about making friends at Uni. Leaving the friends you’ve had since you were a kid can be scary. But everybody is in the same boat at uni. You can pretty much introduce yourself to anybody on your course and they will most likely be super friendly and willing to talk.
2. You are totally intelligent enough. You wouldn’t have gotten in otherwise, don’t doubt yourself.
3. It is stressful. But you will definitely manage. You will have so much support, from your friends, your lecturers, and from University Support Services (wellbeing team, finance advice etc.)
4. You can handle living alone. If you’re not used to being very independent, this can be a real fear…but you’ve got this. Bills, cooking, rent etc…. it all isn’t as bad as it seems.
5. You will obviously get homesick sometimes, but you will honestly be too busy most of the time. I was afraid I would miss home every second, but I was just busy doing so much new stuff.
6. Yes, Uni is so different from A Level, but lecturers aren’t evil, you have plenty of time to do you work/revise, it isn’t all that much harder, and it is definitely more enjoyable (at least for me anyway, I am so much happier focusing on the one topic I love, compared to trying to juggle four!).
7. Coursework. If your course is more coursework based this might seem a little scary, as you get a lot of freedom to work on some pieces that have quite a hefty word count. But again, you will manage, you get used to this quite quickly and eventually you’ll become a pro at managing your time and crafting a great piece of work.

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