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I’m a kickboxing philosophy student

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Goodbye Cardiff…

Hello one last time from me everyone!

I now write to you as a graduate of Cardiff University, who’s officially moved out, left Cardiff behind and started making my own way in the real world (well, sort of!). The last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy and that’s why I’ve been a little quiet of the blogging front recently.

So last time I spoke to you I was about to set off to Amsterdam. That short little mini break was amazing! The three girls and I who were meeting out there to catch up had such a blast! We had rented a small but classy apartment which looked out over a canal and a flower market which was right in the city center. We spent 3 days just catching up, laughing a lot, eating some great food, drinking way too much wine, and seeing the sights of Amsterdam. We visited Anne Frank’s House which was very touching, the Rijks Museum, a beautiful park filled with exotic birds, and even ventured down to the Red Light District which was a very interesting experience! The weather in Amsterdam was stunning and we had 3 perfect days chilling out after the hard work we’ve all put in recently into the end of year slog.

Straight after Amsterdam I went to London to catch up with my best friend and our Aussie friends. That was a great weekend! We had tickets to go and watch the ‘Polo in the Park’ which was a weekend of horse Polo being held in Parsons Green in the South West of London…needless to say that that was quite a posh affair with way too much money being thrown around. Despite it being a very middle class and a bit pretentious, it was a really great day complete with fantastic weather and lots of jugs of Pimms. So after a day at the polo followed by a chill out day watching the French Open and venturing down to Brick Lane for one of their famous curries, I went back to Cardiff for a few days to attend the Dusk ‘Till Dawn Ball, and move out forever!

As I’ve told you before, the end of year ball is always a massive event at the end of the academic year where everyone who has decided to stay until the very end of term attends this last final event. It’s a pretty posh affair as everyone dresses up in pretty dresses and tux’s and is met with champagne, a photographer and a transformed union. This year they went for a sort of lost world/wonderland kind of theme, where rooms were richly dressed with drapes, props and were genuinely unrecognizable. The Great Hall had been transformed into a big top complete with a hot dog stand and a candy floss machine, the Taf (our union pub) had been turned into a seaside fish and chip shop called ‘The Pier’, CF10 (our breakfast cafe) had been adapted to be a weird trippy drinks room with a dj and circus entertainers. It was great to be able to walk round and the union and genuinely forget you were for a second as it just seemed so different!

As my housemate Sarah had won the VIP experience prize (amazing, as there was only 1 VIP package to win and the chances of winning it were something silly like 1000-1!) we arrived in a limo and were the first ones into the building and were given a tour around the new rooms. We were also given a load of complementary champagne, sweets, our own viewing platform of the stages, £100 bar tab, and a free photo with the photographer – it was great! The bands and stuff that played were really great too, Misha B and Jaguar Skills were my favourite, and it was great to get a good view of them from our own personal viewing platform – I felt like royalty! During the night among the copious amount of champagne drinking and mad dancing, I bumped into quite a lot of people I knew and got to say goodbye to them which was good as it’s going to be a long while until I see them now. After a very late night (as we stayed for the breakfast buffet that was being served from 3am) I got home and had a precious 4 hours sleep until I had to wake up, clean my room and pack up my last few bits and head home from Cardiff forever!

Saying goodbye to my housemates, my friends, my house, Cardiff University and Cardiff city was a bitter-sweet experience. I’ve had the most amazing three years at university where I’ve met some incredible people who will always be in my life, and the memories that I share with them are honestly priceless. I’ve enjoyed my course (most of the time, we all have our moments where we question why on earth we decided to pick that subject) and I’ve made some great friends there as well as learning a great deal (well, I certainly hope I’ve learnt something, the exam results will tell all!) I’m coming away from Cardiff knowing that I picked the right course and the right university to study it at. Cardiff University has been nothing but supportive and has given me so many opportunities and experiences to help me develop both academically, socially and professionally. I owe the institution a lot for giving me three of the greatest years of my life and helping me create a solid foundation to move forward from when I go into the real world of work. I feel pretty sad to have to leave it all behind and move forwards on to the next chapter, but nothing good lasts forever, so it’s best to embrace the inevitable change and just treasure the valuable memories.

So let me round off by saying thank you to Cardiff University for everything they have done for me, I hope that through my work with them and my dedication to my studies and my extra curricular activities I have given something back to the institution. I’d also like to say thank you to everyone who follows me on Facebook and Twitter and has been reading my blogs over all these months. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing them and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading them (I hope they’ve been interesting to read?!) I really hope that I’ve managed to give you a little taste of what life in Cardiff and at Cardiff University is like and you can experience it all for yourself if and when you come here.

I’m now just 3 days away from going over to Tanzania for 3 months to complete my voluntary project over there, so it’s time for me to wrap up everything here and say goodbye to everyone for a while. So let me say goodbye, thank you all once again for reading all about what I’m up to, and good luck with anything you do in the future…you never know, I might even see you around in Cardiff!

Lots of love,

Freya x



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