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Group work.. Love it or hate it, chances are you’ll have to do it!

Group work is a task most university students have to complete, whether its for a small piece of coursework, or a whole module. As a part of my course this year we have a Group work module, that is spread over 2 semesters, worth 30 Credits. . (This means, its quite important.. Well really important actually..)  The aim of the module is for us to work together in a groups roughly about 8  members, to design an application that fits the brief given to us by our client. Group work clients are lectures, which draw up a brief for their teams, and meet on different occasions throughout the year to check on requirements, and progress. Groups are allocated randomly, meaning that the chances of being in a group with my friends were slim- and right I was. However I’m currently in a group with 8 guys that I hadn’t worked with before, and some I hadn’t had a chance to speak too much over the last year. I’m really happy with my group, and we all get along well, we meet weekly and keep in contact over a Facebook group with regards to what work needs to be done, and meeting times.

I also had a group work module last year – Developing Quality Software, which means I’ve been through the process once. But for some students working in a group is something new. Here are my top tips for working in a group.


This seems like a simple and obvious thing to do, however as a group you must decide on the best form of keeping in touch with each other. We chose Facebook- a popular way of communicating by all students. However if a member of your group doesn’t use Facebook regularly or doesn’t check notifications or posts, a back up may be useful such as swaping mobile numbers.


I really get along with my group, and we meet weekly, however our group meetings to go on at times, and we do go off track from group work and talk about a lot of different things. Saying this, despite the fact that our group meetings are scheduled once a week, we usually meet twice a week, and by the second meeting we all have set tasks to complete by the next week. We also have a chart ( This was also a part of the coursework

Have a positive attitude.

In my first year for my group work module I must admit I have quite a negative attitude and didn’t like group work at all. This year however I feel much better. I approached this year with a positive mind, and feel better about group work this year. I get along with all of the boys in the team, and we have a laugh while also doing work.


Meet up regularly.

Again, this seems obvious, but don’t be the team member who always has an excuse not to turn up to the group meetings. Group meetings can be as long or as short as you make them, ours tend to be long as we talk a lot before actually get to talk about group work. But if you go to your meetings promptly, talk about tasks completed, set new tasks, and check progress, this could then mean you might have to meet up maybe only once a week, and meetings might not be long at all.


Pull your weight.

I know my lovely readers are students ( or prospective students) are great workers. However sometimes things happen, and maybe you cant contribute as much one week as you can the other, make sure you make up for it. Don’t let your standards slip because you feel other members have got it covered. Group work usually means that you have a individual mark at the end, so make sure you get the mark you truly deserve.


Anyway, hopefully my tips were useful, and hope that any group work you have to complete goes smoothly.


Speak Soon :)



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