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How to grow a cucumber

Revisions, revisions

They seem to be going much more smoothly for me this year. I don’t really believe in empty advice, all though they are quite frequent in our day to day lives. Taking things step by step and trying to deal with the amount of work in doses can lead you to have a healthy and boosting student life!

Final year isn’t made to be easy, so getting through with your head held high is a feeling you should probably try to aim for. As you have come to know me, you’ve probably noticed my obsession with trying to keep organised and positive about every challenge you face. This probably comes out of the fact that I am a stress freak, but so like every student at least once in their crazy years. I ended up actually using my own advice as efficiently as I could.

Exam Time!’ rang in my head for about a few hours a few weeks back. It always creeps up on you when you least expect it, whether you’ve been a hard worker or not, as if there were a biological clock ticking away slowly those last few seconds before the alarm goes off. The sooner you react to this alarm,, the better. And seriously guys, if I have proven this year that I could do it, then any of you can! I know a lot of people who feel anxious about stress, and particularly about managing stress, before they get to uni, but nothing is impossible and you will be surprised by how much you could earn by working hard. Trust me you will never regret it for a minute.

So here’s the big deal, the all amazing something that has gotten me through the past hard week: a simple schedule. And when I talked about schedules in other articles, I was probably referring to a lower level of  programming that only allows general inserting. I mean a detailed one. I know, to some this could sound like a very tedious task, but  it actually takes less time that you think. Give yourself 30 minutes, a cup of tea of coffee if you prefer, lay before you the exam planing and a list of all the topics you have to revise in the order depending on your strategic vision. Everyday I gave myself a minimum requirement of 6-7 hours a day of work to begin with, with two different topics and lots of food. I found out that I work better at night, much much better. So why did I feel obligated to wake up early just like everyone, to speed and race other students on that last seat in the library so that, in the end, I don’t get around  to focusing 100% until 15h.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself some time off in between, some with activities and some just for sleeping those heavenly extra hours. With all this easing into that craved “revising mode”, it felt as if I was swimming smoothly right through the pressure,  stress, anxiety and some sort of crazy excitement steadily. Of course, results will have the last words, but I can at least end my fourth year feeling like I worked hard to maybe get to where I want to be. If I fail, i’d just have to try again but in a more comprehensive manner until I do.


Finally, when you get into this mood of thought, and rhythm of day to day life you will tend to try and be better in other areas of your life. Not necessarily, but when it does – it’s enlighting. Life can be rewarding sometimes, despite our usual pessimism… when you do good, and feel inspired by this good will always come back to you! Like my best-friend giving me the best present in the world, an i-phone for the love of baloney! Unbelievable I know. It’s awesome. So when you get to uni, and every year seems like a huge mountain you won’t be  able to climb, trust in that the harder you push yourself and the better of a person you are to yourself and everything around you, the more rewards and happy things life will throw back at you.


Speak to you guys sooon! Lots of good thoughts

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