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How to throw a perfect uni house party

One of the best things about second year is living in shared housing rather than halls – and that means opportunity for house parties. Now it’s Semester Two, myself and my flatmates are pretty well-versed in the art of throwing a party. It’s a delicate art: but get it right, and you’ll make tonnes of friends and make memories too. Here are some tips I’ve compiled for throwing the best house party you’ve ever been to…
  1. Timing is essential.
    Pick a date not too close to exam season – otherwise everyone will be wrapped up in books and not able to attend! Also, the jury’s out on this one, but I’d advise not to throw it during the week, as some friends are bound to have compulsory 9am’s the next day or other social commitments. I’d say the optimum time would be a Friday at the end of exam period or at the beginning of the Semester, when people’s academic workload will be a little bit lighter.

    Essential party prep obvs

  2. Pick a theme.
    Ok, you don’t NEED a theme for a house party. Sometimes all the theme has to be is BYOB and wear what you like. However, everyone enjoys a fancy dress party from time to time – our previous party themes have included Tropical (wear flower garlands and hula skirts), 80′s party (neon leg warmers, Adam Ant make-up etc) Halloween party (self explanatory). Plus, it gives you an opportunity to go crazy with decor. For our tropical themed party we bought a massive inflatable palm tree and it was the talk of the party – plus you can throw in some balloons, bunting, and fairy lights. I have to admit most our decor never ends up being taken down – we have balloons on our living room wall from around four months ago…
  1. Invitations
    The best way to invite people to a house party is via Facebook event – however it’s best to not distribute your home address to everyone in Cardiff – so consider setting the event to private so only those you want to come can see the details! Inviting friends from different friend groups seems to work well – it’s fun seeing your course mates mingle with your friends from halls and it gives you the opportunity to chat to a wide variety of people.


  1. Don’t let anything get broken
    This sounds obvious but remember: make sure your prized possessions are locked away in your room. We make sure our TV and TV stand gets hidden away in our room, as that’s something we wouldn’t be able to afford to replace! Locking bedrooms is a great idea because trust me, people do go exploring at parties. And that does include your bedroom. And they will rearrange your Disney DVD collection.
    Also, our beloved inflatable parrot Victor got cruelly taken from our latest party, so hide sentimental items as well or anything you’d be upset if it accidentally went missing! (Victor was happily returned two days later, in perfect condition) (We have a bit of a house obsession with inflatables as you can tell).
  2. Have fun!
    The important thing is to enjoy yourself. While you’re at uni its important to focus on your assignments, lectures and exam prep but it’s also essential to relax and be sociable as well! If you’re hosting a house party just remember to make memories and have a good time and a glass or four of wine… After all, you’re at uni to have a good time as much as you are to learn!
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