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I am officially unemployed!

So that’s it!! I’ve done the coursework, survived the exams, got my results and now my undergraduate degree is done! I am now supposed to be making my way in the real world – that is the scary bit!! (and where the hard work starts).

I’ve had a number of questions asked of me now that I’ve left – mostly along the lines of ‘so what now?’ but one question in particular that caught my attention is ‘what’s been your favourite year at university’. That’s a really difficult question to answer. Each year was special for different reasons.

First year really is the time to let loose. It’s so exciting. I loved exploring a new city, embarking on the first official steps of my psychology career, and meeting new people. There were very little concerns, so first year was my ‘favourite’ for that reason.

Second year is when things step up the pace, and I’ll admit the course became relatively taxing at times – still enjoyed it, but hard nonetheless. What was special for me about second year was getting into dance outside of the university and building an additional career alongside of psychology. I met some incredible people through these experiences, and it allowed me to have some of the coolest part-time jobs around!!

Placement year, simply put, was amazing! This year had to be my ‘favourite’ in terms of feeling that I could really do something with psychology. It was the ability to apply what i’d learnt in the previous two years to real-world projects that is what I enjoyed most about this experience. I would highly recommend a placement year to everyone – that amount I learnt in this year alone, I personally feel was huge.

Then there’s this year – Final year. It’s been so nice to return to Cardiff and be reunited with all my friends here. I have a strong affinity with Cardiff, mainly because I think it feels like my home now. I have built up a life for myself here – which is why I am staying here after graduating. I love it too much! In addition, because you get to choose the modules you do in final year, the course (because it’s tailored to your interests) really is fascinating! True, it gets harder, but you wouldn’t be developing if you were’t challenged.

So, in conclusion, I don’t think I can pin point one year that was my ‘favourite’, but each has brought new challenges and new opportunities that I have thoroughly enjoyed. All in all it is such a bittersweet feeling to know I shall be graduating tin two weeks time! Cardiff, you have been truly brilliant!!



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