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I'm a loud-mouthed Londoner with a love for wine, eating out and having Twitter debates.

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This semester has flown by, and with only two weeks left until the Easter break I have been locked away in my room attempting to finish my dissertation.

Having said that, I did do one particular big night out last Wednesday, I went to the NUS Wales awards and dinner up in Llandrindod Wells. I had been shortlisted on behalf of Cardiff University for Campaign of the Year due to my work raising awareness of sexism and sexual assault on campus and for getting sexist comedian Dapper Laughs disinvited from performing at our Students’ Union.

And I won!

I was absolutely honoured to be able to accept an award on behalf of so many people that fight everyday for equality on student campuses and I’m so pleased to see measures being made all around the country to ensure that every student feels safe on campus.

And not only this, but our Students’ Union full-time officer team also won Officers of the Year – GO CARDIFF!

I’ve been shortlisted for the overall NUS UK awards in April which is really exciting news – and I can’t wait to see hear about all the other student campaigns that have been happening, and of course to see some of my favourite ones have been shortlisted to!

I’m keeping this short and sweet because I have SO much work to catch up on – but here’s some words of wisdom and that is… if you have something that you believe in, or you’re not happy with how something is run, say something and always stand up to what you believe in!



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