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I’m dreaming of an affordable Christmas

Christmas can be an expensive time and it can be even more stressful when you have a student budget. As I’m feeling awfully festive now that it’s December I thought I would give you guys a few of my tips for Christmas on a student budget!

1. Got too many uni friends all of the sudden?! Do a secret santa!

2. Your family might be more willing to forgive you for cheap christmas presents this year as they’ll get the gift of you coming home instead! If you can’t think of anything to buy them, get the train home and claim you are the present, works every time.

3. Amazon actually has some shockingly cheap christmas decorations, don’t get sucked in by all of the decorations they have in Tesco Extra. You can buy endless tinsel for half the price online.

4. Cross stitch is seriously the way forward. If you need to gift a lot of people and have a bit of spare time before christmas, buy some cross stitch supplies.  You can find designs for pretty much anything from Game of Thrones bookmarks to hilariously offensive phrases to adorable christmas scenes. It’s way easier than it looks and it comes out pretty cheap if you’re making a few things.

5. To save money later on in the year asking for essentials like stationery supplies (or alcohol) may be a great idea, especially if stationary pleases you as much as it pleases me.

6. Being super organised about Christmas present buying is also a pretty good idea. Buy your presents early so you don’t end up blowing a big sum of money all at once.

7. Budgeting is always a good idea. As much as I would love to get carried away with the spirit of Christmas, I normally work out how much I’m going to spend and who I’m going to buy for way before I start buying.

8. Keep an eye out for deals. If you want to be a super scrimper stock up on gifts in the January sales, then when it comes to next year you will have plenty of cheap gifts sorted. Boots is always great if you have makeup lovers to buy for!

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