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It’s been a while!

So this is my first post in quite a long time now, so i suppose i should have quite a lot to talk about!

Last week I was back to uni regular life, with lectures, seminars, nights out and some rugby in between. It’s actually quite nice to get back to lectures, some routine is appreciated after several weeks of being in the library typing up essays. Spending so much time in the library and focusing on the essays makes you loose track of days and time and everything becomes quite mundane, so when the deadlines were all finished with, it was a massive relief to go have a good night out feeling and doing nothing the following day without the guilty feeling of having work to get back to.

My time table, for the 6th term of uni is quite nice, with a fair deal of time off and only two 9am starts. Although a few people complain about having to get up early, it isn’t so bad as it gives you the rest of the day to actually do things, as opposed to waking up a 1pm (as i’d usually do) and do absolutely nothing. My modules this year so far seem interesting so it should be a good final term of uni.

It’s a bit frightening to think of the next few weeks as some sort of horrible countdown to the day i’m going to have to find a job in the so-called ‘real world’. Also, in terms of university work, what i do this term will be a big factor in determining if i get a 2:2, 2:1 or the hugely unlikely 1st. So essentially, this term is going to be a pretty big deal.

I’ll also be kept busy by the constant work of editing for the newspaper. The work is actually quite fun and i’d definitely suggest people to get involved in student media, particularly for people studying journalism, or who want to get into the media industry as it serves as invaluable experience and it’s a great thing to have on your CV.

Being back in Cardiff was a bit of a shock to the system after a christmas break spent in a warm, clean house. Our house in Cathays, after a week of nights out and lectures starting again, is looking a bit like a poorly kept crack den of sorts. I genuinely don’t think there’s a single piece of clean cutlery or utensil in the house by now and there’s enough stale food hanging about to feed a relatively large family of racoons. I suppose racoons would be quite tidy compared to us as well. Either way, we need a clean, which may well take a few hours today.

Living in a student house isn’t as horrible as it sounds though and it’s really just a matter of making some effort to live in a more pleasant way. Sadly we do not make that effort. Although our house, in a clean state, is actually nice, we rarely get to experience it.

Seeing as it’s been so long, i should probably mention that snow business we had! I love snow. Well is that enough mention? Knowing snow was coming our way got me ridiculously excited, I was like a child on christmas eve. The snow didn’t disrupt anything for me thankfully, except in did distract me from my essays for a day, I won’t complain about that!

So anyway, my final term is under way! Plenty of nights out, get a good degree, win the league with the rugby boys are just a few of the goals, so lets hope it’s a good one! I’ll keep you (whoever ‘you’ are…) updated. x

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