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It’s upon us again… Deadlines

As we close in on the end of the autumn semester it can only mean one thing…

Christmas… nope

The New Year’s good tidings… nahh

The long drive back home to the loving family… hmm, as if.

Then it can only be one thing. DEADLINES!! 

No matter what year you are studying there will always be a deadline of some sort looming over you as December strikes. Oh you thought you had prepared, you thought you had kept up with it all. But NO.


Admittedly, when I first came to Uni I wasn’t too stressed at this time of the year and I probably was more worried about what was filling my stockings in a few weeks time. However, the tables have turned, well and truly. Rather than warming my cockles with mulled wine I am trading it in for the expresso, pulling out the long shifts in the library.

Those of you thinking of doing the 4 year Master’s in Engineering then look forward to your final projects, for Mechanicals you will wind up with two projects and boy are they tough! However it isn’t all bad, I actually really enjoy the projects: Design of a Hospital in the Bay and a Renewable Energy Farm Design. Its like a giant version of Theme Hospital!

Theme Hospital

The thing to remember with this busy time of year, whichever course you are studying, is to take time off to get your head straight again. Often you can go a little mad sat in front of a computer screen for 10 hours at a time. In Cardiff there is plenty of options around for that rest break. The christmas market is in town and it’s hard not to enjoy ice skating with a side of german sausage. Or try out the christmas markets in town and see what freebies you can grab from the numerous stands (I would recommend the chocolate fudge).

Anyway, enough chatting, I have work to do!!

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