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January Exams


These past few weeks, the university has been held in the grips of examination fear. With deadlines looming, and revision timetables being disregarded, the thought of a nice relaxing day at home seems all too far away. Luckily my exams all fell within one week. On Monday the 14th, it was maths mechanics test, on Wednesday the 16th it was Thermofluids and on Friday the 18th it was Network analysis (electronics). They seemed to go okay, but after the week I was exhausted. You know you’ve been revising hard when the dirty dishes have piled up in the sink and you’ve resorted to eating lazy food such as fish fingers and chicken nuggets!  

My Netwrok Analysis “Post – Condensing” Revision Pile

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. I managed to procrastinate my revision for a few hours by intertwining it with visits to the town centre and meeting up with some mates in the forum to do group revision. On one of my late evening walks, I stumbled across some snowdrops peeking through the snow, which I thought was Ironic. After the week was over, however, it was plain sailing.

Snowdrops Pushing Through Snow…Ironic


After finding that my laptop power supply had given up on me, I decided to go home and see my family for the weekend. Little was I to know that the weather had other plans… I managed to get a train back on the Saturday and ended up being trapped at home for the whole week! It had got so bad that travel was nigh impossible and much to the delight of my little sisters school ended up being cancelled for 4 consecutive days. There are worse places to be marooned, with your meals being cooked for you and washing being done! J We ended up having a full 7” (18.5cm) of even coverage.


An Undisclosed Location in the Brecon Beacons

Somehow, I don’t think the sheep were ready…

 In between relaxing on the couch and reading books, I was made to help clear the snow with a plastic snow shovel. It soon became apparent that the tool just wasn’t up to the job and after about 20mins of shovelling, the front section snapped clean off. Luckily we had metal ones to hand – even if they did get cold very quickly. We eventually managed to clear the snow enough for me to make it back into Cardiff this weekend where I was greeted by glorious sunshine on Sunday morning. Maybe A sign that there are better things to come…


The Sun Does Exist!

Can’t wait until summer!  :D


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