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Reading week came as a welcomed break last week, providing a perfect opportunity to catch up on assignments and take time to do some sorting out. A rare moment of forward planning meant that I was able to book some very reasonable flights to Copenhagen for less than it cost to go home. Leaving from Bristol International Airport with a few books to justify the week as a study period it was really nice to get away from Cardiff for a change of scenery. Greeted by a friend at the airport with xmas beers was an excellent way to start and the hospitality of the Danish really continued throughout. The standard of living just seems to be something that Denmark has turned into an art. Studying City and Regional Planning this obviously makes a strong connection with me and I much prefer experiencing real world examples over theories based in textbooks. Studying in the morning wasn’t something that I craved, but it was a necessary evil to enjoy the afternoons and evenings around the city. I don’t think I’ve ever drank as much coffee or eaten as many Danish pastries, but I can see me continuing this habit for a while.

The town centre has the longest high street of shops in Europe however the pound didn’t seem to stretch that far! I was slightly envious of the biking culture across the capital, quite often getting the right-of-way in most of the city and being synchronised heavily with the public transport offers clear advantages. With my bodyclock not yet adjusted to the hour change back home, being in the next time zone meant that the nights drew in very quickly and the fresh winter air felt like preparation for what was to come back home.

Uni work has really started to kick in now and there has been a noticeable ‘step-up’ required for second year and taking its toll when it comes to being able to make my favourable weekend trips so being able to capitalise on a week without restraints seems like the ideal solution. There’s no perfect place to study so Copenhagen seemed like a great option. 

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