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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

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Life at Cardiff

Wales=Rain. My wellies have become my friends. My left boot is called Ricky and the right is Paul. We’ve had some good times trudging daily puddles together. But now Ricky and Paul are being neglected for maaa bootiful espidrilles ‘cause ITS SUNNY BABYYY!

See, whenever it’s sunny in Cardiff, everyone over reacts. It’s only like 10 degrees outside, but suddenly parks are chock-a-block with families picnicking and students barbecuing. Frisbies are whispin’, balls are kickin’ and everyone has lost their seasonal depression and are walking around with creepy cheshire cat grins slapped onto their happy faces. It’s beautiful. There’s only one thing that gets to me and that’s the flipflops. Dem creepy toes are everywhere. I could never be a podiatrist. Those short pudgy foot fingers gimme the heeby jeebies. I genuinely gag a wee bit. This is off topic. I shall continue.

PEOPLE. After an incredibly long hiatus of procrastination and staring at this empty word document wondering how the kidney beans shall I express my student life, I have taken the opportunity of good weather to sit up a tree in Bute Park with ma lappytoppy and FINALLY WRITE THIS BEAST TO YOU. Merrherr. (Sounds of distress)

So how has this second term at Cardiff been? WELL I SHALL TELL YEE!

Now this may be due to the lack of alcohol in my life, but I find the second term socials are always more vivid than the first. There’s been a heck load more happening! I’ll subhead it for dramatic effect…


So the Student’s Union is weird. The Main Hall can be a gargantuan lecture theatre, a hellish exam hall, and also as it turns out…a massive concert hall. The wonderful presence of Newton Faulkner, Rae Morris and Bombay Bicycle club made all those painful exam memories wash away. It was so good. I do love Cardiff for its music scene. I’ve mentioned it a few times, but it’s got the Globe Theatre for those more indie acts, the Students Union for the student favourites like good old Faulkner, anddd it has the Motorpoint for the big names like Taylor Swift etc. There’s loads of other Underground places where gigs happen like at the Welsh Club, and at the Glee Club in Cardiff Bay. I saw Lucy Rose at the Glee club a while back, but I’ve not been to the Welsh Club yet! The cool thing about being short is you can almost always shimmy to the front at gigs! We were right at the front for Bombay and it was…deafeningly loud, but those sweaty head banging hipsters were beautiful and it was worth the decrease in my audible range.

Changing music genres to classical, I saw a show from the International Concert series at St David’s hall, which was a whole new experience. I ain’t no music student but heck, when I was there I saw a mahooosive load of music students (shoutout to ex-insider Aimee…I saw you home girrrrll!) Aimee was chillin’ enjoying a cheeky bit of Tchaikovsky with me. It was my first time at the orchestra and it was insane to watch. I can’t really express it. When you sit there and watch this lady decked out in a flowing emerald gown just shredding it on the viola; and you see the conductor telling the strings and the wind when the beat drops…its insane man. I loved it. In many ways I found it beautiful. The technicality and skill of those musicians made me a little envious to be honest, I sat there like a sad potato thinking “I can play twinkle twinkle.” But it was still lovely and…with student ID was super cheap! I can’t actually remember how much, but it was definitely under a tenner! Bargain alert.


Cardiff Asian society every year for Holi (the festival of colour and love) will go all out and have this crazy event in Bute Park, but I missed it and am still super gutteddd! But alas, event clashhh ‘cause instead I climbed a mountain…

  • Confession one: The mountain in question was Snowdon, which is like a baby mountain. A proud proud baby mountain.
  • Confession two: I can’t honestly say I really climbed it.  I half crawled, dragged, and piggy backed my way up the beast and then turned into a potato and rolled all the way back down.

Teaming up with Cardiff ISOC (islamic society) I ventured up the snowy 1085m killer for Islamic Relief-Water Aid. The charity’s projects are helping communities in Mali by building sustainable water sources. It literally was one of the best days of my life and for such a good cause. We left at 2am, were trekking by ten and then were back in Cardiff at 11pm. I swear on the coach back I passed out and dribbled a little bit. It was intense. I felt like Frodo when he was climbing mount doom. I was stomping up that mountain all ready to destroy the ring, and then my fire burnt out and my figurative Samwise Gamgee piggy backed me the rest of the way. Herher. But yeah, at the moment with the generous givinggses of all my lovely buddies I’ve raised £218 pounds, but we won’t know the grand total yet because fundraising is still happening! All the pics are on Instagram if any of you guys wanna take a look. North Wales is so beautiful. On the way back down, I had to turn around and look back just once, and when you see that rocky mountain face towering above you like this magnificent giant, you get this crazy buzz of achievement! I was like “oh yeah, who da boss.”

I think after that I definitely am going to make an effort to get involved with more charity events. Cardiff RAG (raise and give) are notorious for megatron fundraisers that are a heck load of fun, and purely cause of my ISOC love I may gate crash a few more of their charity events in the future too.

The end is near

Now this blog post is officially more words than there were metres on Snowdon, so I better shush my mush and say au revoir to you peeps!

  • To those studying over their easter breaks, GOOD LUCK
  • To those getting offers from Cardiff, HOLA NEWBIEEES
  • And to you guys still indecisive, make up your mind already. Sheeshkebabs.

Aarifa over and out.

Student Union Gigs

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