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Light at the end of a very long tunnel!

Happy Sunday everyone! This week I write to you with 5 essays and 1 dissertation down, and just 3 exams and 9 days to go.

This week has been yet another uphill slog as the deadline for all our coursework and dissertation is tomorrow (Monday 13th) swiftly followed by our first exam on Tuesday. Thankfully, the Arts and Socials Sciences Library (ASSL) has been open 24/7 so that’s been really helpful as you can get there as early as you want if you’re an early bird, and stay as late as you want if you’re a night owl…or both if the work situation is that bad. Whilst most of the time the atmosphere can be tense and stressed, it’s good to work in the same library as all your course mates because when you take a break together, you can all console each other than no one actually gets what a particular philosopher is saying, and share a mutual hatred for how bad the situation is with how much work there is to do, and how little time there is to do it. Right now I’ve handed in all my coursework and my dissertation (I’ve handed it in early to stop me constantly editing it and giving myself a ‘legitimate’ form of procrastination!) so I’m on to revision, which really is not the most pleasant of things as I’m sure you know. It’s not all bad though, when you’ve put in a solid days work and come back from the library with a fried brain – but you felt like you made some decent progress – then the sense of satisfaction you get makes it worth it.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as there is a great amount of light at the end of the tunnel. Straight after I finish exams (on the same day in fact) my course mates and I are going for a dinner with our lecturers to thank for a wonderful 3 years with them. Straight after that I think it’s safe to say we’re going to party like there is no tomorrow, go to the park and bathe in the sun, go shopping, go and visit friends and family and celebrate the end of it all with them, and basically soak up the feeling of achievement! I’ve also booked to go to Amsterdam for a few days with 3 girls who I met in China on the Study China programme I did over Easter. The 3 of us have found a gorgeous apartment in the city center, and plan to have 3 days of just pure relaxation in the days, and 3 nights of nonstop partying! I’m so excited about that it’s bordering on ridiculous! I’m going to stay with my sister in London for a few days as she’s decided to pack in her job there and move to Spain for a few months to do a TEFL course, and I’ve also got a few reunions on the cards as my best friend is coming back from her year out in Istanbul, and we’re meeting up with some of our Aussie friends we met whilst we were travelling, as all of them have migrated over to London. You can’t forget the ‘Dusk till Dawn Ball’ we’ve got going on here in Cardiff, held by our union to celebrate the end of the academic year 2013, and I’ve also got to find time to move out from my house here in Cardiff and get myself sorted out ready to go to Tanzania…what a lot to do eh?!

Well then, I better get on with revision in order to pass these exams and be able to get on with everything else! I’ll post to you next week when I will have sat 3 of my exams and will be teetering on the edge of glory as I’ll only have 1 exam standing in the way of me and freedom! Until then, good luck with any exams you may have going on, and I’ll speak to you all soon! x




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