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Guitar player, amateur cook & all-round engineer

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Loving Lent! :)

It’s freezing cold outside, but the first glimpses of spring are coming through :P

On Tuesday last week, it was pancake day. After buying all of the necessary ingredients from a nearby Sainsbury’s, 30minutes before my first 9:00am lecture I was frantically mixing away trying to get my pancake batter in the fridge before I set off. I managed it, and when I came back home that evening I was eager to try out my new found culinary skills. So I heated up the frying pan, re-whisked the batter and got ready to cook my first ever pancake! I had poured the mixture in the pan and all was seemingly going alright – until it came to flipping it. As I was sliding the half-cooked pancake onto a plate, the remaining oil that had been in the pan accidentally dropped onto the cooking hob causing a massive surge of smoke… Luckily, my kitchen fan had been on and the windows were open so I didn’t hear the dreaded “whoop, whoop” of the fire alarm. Phew! As I listened closely, however I could hear my fellow chefs around Senghennydd not being so lucky. It got so bad that at one point there were fire alarms in 3 different houses simultaneously. I bet the wardens ended up hating us by the end of the night! It also marks the start of Lent, and as such I have decide to give up all types of biscuits. I’ve nearly been tricked twice by a cheesecake, and a Twix bar. Watch this space… :D

My Excuse For A Pancake


Last weekend, I managed to jump on the train home and spend two nights back home. I helped my dad fell some trees for the winter and carry the logs back up to the house. It seems that whilst I had been away at uni, one of our pine trees had fallen across our driveway and so we had some really easy-splitting, and sweet burning pine to chuck on the fire that evening. Combined with my mum’s home cooking and some nice scotch made it a very enjoyable weekend.



On Monday afternoons, I have a couple of hours working in Engineering’s admissions department. It consisted this week of putting together information packs for the prospective students on their UCAS open day. It was a methodical if not arduous task, and as such I had a conveyor system to keep things in order. My system worked well enough that I created a tower of empty information pack boxes, and managed to sort over 600 individual packs! It just shows the power of a nice cup of tea and a cookie! :)


Lectures are ramping up at the moment, with Thermofluids two and power engineering being the most notable ones. Our Monday afternoon pure maths lectures seem to have a poor turnout however, and we only had 30 out of 300 people in the lecture theatre, let alone awake! I didn’t mind though as the lectures go a lot faster and the teaching becomes more of a 1:1 style. The lecturer has enough time to go back over a topic and answer questions just because he doesn’t have to stop for people talking and/or not listening. Our Wednesday morning software lectures are another story, with “nodding dog” syndrome being rife. It’s always useful to have a permanent marker around with you for just such an occasion… :)

Death By Matlab


Following a recent debate on Jeremy Vine’s radio show regarding the popularity of becoming a “Barista”, I have taken to experimenting getting a nice cup of coffee in my small uni flat. There’s a great coffee shop in queens arcade that have a huge selection of coffee and tea. Personally, I have a medium roast coffee brewed in a cafitiere topped by some whisked up milk (using a jam jar … !) and served with chocolate sprinkles. Not quite Costa, but it’ll do for my efforts. :P

mmmmmm Coffee!


I have recently been without a laptop as I had snapped off the power connector. In mid December, I foolishly ordered a replacement Samsung charger off the internet. Little did I realise that it would be coming from Hong Kong and would take over a month to get here so in the mean time I had re-orded a replacement replacement off Ebay. The same power, voltage, current, and laptop make – but not for an “ultrabook” model infuriatingly.  I had to re-order the laptop’s replacement replacement and get a working supply. This then came yesterday, at the same time as the one from Hong Kong!Thankfully, (for my sanity) the one from Hong Kong also was incompatible and so I wouldn’t have had a charger any sooner anyway. Mad! :L

I Love Internet Shopping :L


Yesterday, I handed in my first ever assessed technical drawing, which was quite an ordeal to complete in time! I also have my exam results coming out this week, so fingers crossed…!

My Technical Drawing Of A Screw Jack

Good luck engineers!




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