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Making your (student) house a home…

We all know that student accommodation isn’t always the most homely of places. Maybe there’s some nice mould in your bathroom, or a dodgy chair, or a draft from your window. When I first lived in halls I was so disappointed that I could decorate or leave any marks anywhere – it felt like my room wouldn’t feel like home without my stuff all over the walls.

So I’m going to show you what I’ve been doing with my room this year, and some tips for decorating without loosing your entire deposit!


1. Lighting

Typically lighting in student houses is either harsh and clinical, or super rubbish because every light bulb is energy saving. I love putting fairy lights up around my room to make it a bit more interesting, and it feels like a much nicer environment to chill out in.

I also have a few good lamps, one for my desk and one for my bedside which are good for doing work and make everything a bit more interesting… :)

2. Wall decoration

If there’s one thing letting agencies will try and wring you out for, it’s having blue tac marks all over your walls… so what can you do? I love sticking up gig tickets, birthday cards and memories on my walls so I really needed a way around it. This year I’ve been trying out white tac, which isn’t as bad as blue tac, but does still leave some marks. I’ve also tried out command strips to hand a white-board over my desk – from experience these don’t work with every type of wall. I once put them up on a solid looking painted wall and then took off half the paint when I tried to remove them… so use with caution! However, they do work well on the back of doors for putting up hooks to hang coats/towels!

I’ve decided that if there are any marks at the end of the year I’m going to buy some magnolia paint (basically the colour of every student room) and touch up any parts where the wall isn’t looking so good.

I have also found something amazing recently… WASHI TAPE. Washi tape is the king of all non-permanent decoration. It’s like colourful patterened masking tape, so you can use it to stick up photos or create wall murals and everything in between! I’ve used it to make a big city-scape on the wall behind my bed, because I didn’t like how big and empty it looked.



3. Space

When you move out of halls you will find that your furniture is no longer screwed to the floor and you can move it about. Make sure that you do! Sometimes the way you find your room won’t be the best way to have it laid out, and you might prefer you bed near the window, or the desk on the other side of the room. You have the freedom to move things around, so do!

I managed to fit my desk in the tiniest space under a beam in my room, and while it’s a bit cozy I actually love having a little work nook where I can’t be easily distracted!

4. Floor

Now we all know student carpets aren’t the nicest of things. There’s probably some suspicious looking stains, maybe a burnt iron mark, all adding to the nice brown colour it already is. Solution? Rug!

You’d be amazed how much a having a nice rug will improve your room. Combine it with some cheerful bedsheets and it will look totally different very quickly. :) You can get pretty cheap rugs from ikea and other such places, and since they move with you it’s a long term investment.


So there you go! A few tips on how to make the most of your room and make it feel a bit more like home. :)

Hope you are all enjoying the festive cheer! Have a great holiday :)





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