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Mid-life crisis

Hello and welcome back to the blog! Things have been “ticking” over here at my end (a horribly middle-aged phrase) which brings me to the sad realisation that 3rd year does turn you slightly middle aged. My days largely consist of the same old routine: lectures, gym, library & eating. Gone are the days of several mid-week nights out, in fact i can’t remember the last time i bought a bottle of cheap vodka- once considered the staple item of the student. These days it’s an occasional nice (ish) glass of red to accompany some evening reading. And it’s probably slightly concerning at just how excited i was to buy some new gym gear…honestly it was thrilling! But it’s not all doom and gloom, as like any middle aged woman there comes a time for the mid-life crisis stage. My housemate is currently going through this stage at the moment, she’s lost her head and keeps going out on random nights to tiger tiger and live lounge- and on a school night! I literally haven’t entered either establishment since early 2nd year, and intend to keep it this way! But once in a while we all need to let our hair down and go a bit mad, so i’m sure my temporary mid-life crisis stage is just round the corner.

However, I like to think our Valentines Day activities were more Sex and The City than Call the Midwife as we hosted a cocktail and sushi night, for both those taken and single alike. It was just really nice to have to a few drinks with close friends and not feel the need to go out afterwards. Because of course i had to be up at the gym early the next day! (ok i definitely need to get out more…)

Just look how cute those sushi pandas are- granted they look more like pokemon but still a solid effort!

Luckily enough we’ve organised a night out to our favourite Bristolian haunt Motion at the end of March so i’ve got something big to look forward to (other than making sushi which is still pretty up there). The great thing about Cardiff is it’s proximity to cities like Bristol, which because of their great reputation on the music scene means some of the greatest DJ’s on the planet are only a train ride away. This time, we’ll be seeing Breakbot at Cirque Du Soul, which is probably the best excuse of the year to dress up in proper circus get up. Unbelievably excited to see this french disco king, give him a listen and click on the link if ya fancy! >> You Should Know <<

And on that note i should probably get back to some super exciting eighteenth-century feminist reading…don’t be too jealous!


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