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Aspiring to conquer life's challenges - or maybe just my degree for now!

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My last blog post – if I’m honest, I’m lost for words!

For the last year and a half, I’ve talked about eating, drinking, sleeping, socialising and living as a student in Cardiff. I passed on words of wisdom that were past down to me and what I’ve learnt from my mistakes. I’m left wondering what else I can say.

My time at Cardiff could probably be divided up into different groups or things; my course, my flatmates, my jobs and my joining of the Cardiff Snakecharmers. My three years revolved around these things and the people I met whilst doing them – that would be my recipe for success!

Obviously now is a very pivotal time of year for many people, with A level grades having just come out, there are thousands of 18 year olds beginning to pack up their belongings and start their journey to another part of the country. If you’re heading to Cardiff in September, you’re in a great position. You’ve set yourself up for a great time. I could sit here and describe in great detail all the different bars and clubs and places to visit that you should try but if there’s one thing you’ll find about any uni, is that it’s a very eclectic mix of people. Different people will recommend different places and you’ll fall into a rhythm pretty quickly of finding your niche. Nevertheless, as a round up of all my blogs, here are my recommendations for Cardiff and what it has to offer…


Restaurant – Revolucion de Cuba

Cocktail bar – Lab 22

Club – Glam

Running route – Roath Lake

Park – Bute Park

Gym – Easy Gym

Nail Salon – Rehab Nail Bar (Crwys Road)

Hangover Cure – Café 37

Pub – Gassy Jacks

Library – Lower Ground Floor of ASSL

Coffee Shop near Uni – Hoffi Coffi

I’m very envious of every single person starting as a fresher at Cardiff this year, you get to explore all of these things and more, to let you create your own favourites. Look out for the student’s union, which has had a massive refurb and Solus (the club) as it was known, has been re-launched as Y Plas – I will be venturing down at the weekend of Fresher’s Week to help christen it like so many others!  The Lash (our beloved Wednesday night) is no more, but will be replaced by ‘YOLO’ – think of it what you will!

Whatever your experience of Cardiff, make it your own. As I said when I started this blog, University is a rollercoaster ride – there will be ups and there will be downs. In my byline, I talked about conquering my degree, well that has been firmly ticked off, but as always in life, I’m already aspiring to conquer the next challenge – this time in PR shaped form. Here’s to the next step!



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