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My last week in Cardiff

So this is it… My last week in Cardiff.


This week you find me in a rather strange place, mentally. It’s weird, I expected finishing my degree to be this amazing feeling of freedom. Don’t get me wrong t’s been great having the freedom to spend the last few weeks exploring new parts of wales and having a week in London seeing family and generally being a tourist but it’s not the big climax I was expecting. If anything, it’s been strangely anti-climactic.

Many of you will know the feeling of finishing exams for the year, or even finishing A-Levels and knowing that you never have to go back to school! That is an amazing feeling! I spent the summer after A-Levels laying on the beach loving life. I came out of my last exam with all of my friends and that was it… Done.

The difference here is that, while I have finished my degree, I’m also having to say goodbye to all of my friends. Sure, I will stay in contact and hopefully meet up with them all but it’s never the same as spending every day with them. Some people will move to different countries and be unreachable. The realisation that this week may be my last with some people here is sad but unfortunately that’s the nature of university. You spend every day for 3 years with a group of people the one day it’s gone.


Anyway… What am I doing for my last week in Cardiff? Well, there’s still a bit of course related stuff to be doing. Today I have a year meeting that will explain the final external exams and who will be required.  The externals are a moderation to make sure that everyone has been marked fairly. 1/3 of the year will have to present their work again on Friday to the examiners. While this is a bit of a hassle, we aren’t allowed to produce any new work so at least this week isn’t filled with last minute modifications to my designs.

On Wednesday I will be filming some of my fellow students, interviewing them about their experiences at the Welsh School of Architecture. Once I have edited everything I will post the video on YouTube for you all to see.

On Sunday my Mum and Grandma and coming up to visit and take a look at the city. It’ll be nice for my Grandma to finally see all the places I’ve spent the last 3 years talking about!

On Monday, a week today, we have been told that we will get our results!!! That’s a scary day and I don’t really want to think about that!


Somewhere in the middle I am doing a photo shoot for some of the students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. It’s the second shoot I’ve done there and I’m sure it’ll be great fun. I’ll tweet some photos of that as and when it happens.

So that’s about it for me this week. I’m currently packing away all of my stuff into boxes. Having been in the house for 2 years my stuff is fairly well rooted so it’ll take me all week! I can finally go through my computer and delete all of my working documents, or at least move them to an external hard drive and never see them again! I need to make space for the video interviews on my computer!


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See you next time



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  1. Isabella says:

    Hello I saw you are at the Cardiff University at architecture and I want to know more about it, I;m still in highschool in the last year, but after that I want to study in UK. I’m not for UK, I’m from Romania. You can help me with more details about the university and stuff? Thanks.

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