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Non-Stop November

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blog post and boy, what a busy time it has turned out to be! Last weekend I went home and saw my family again. The train ride home was very busy as there was a match in Cardiff at 7.30, but I managed to get a seat which was nice. On Saturday I helped my dad take down and old teak tree in our back garden. Lots of carrying, chopping and splitting of logs for the fire. The wood was quite wet, so we put it to season to stock up ready for the weather this winter will bring. Sunday was a nice relaxing day and I even managed to spend some time writing my long report. It was nice to see everyone again but it takes a bit to adjust back into life there. Also, there are oddities that you just don’t see in Cardiff at home, things such as house cats. They walk up to you and are always wanting attention. They seem to just sit and look at you, wondering what you’re doing and why you’re moving around so fast.


Why are you looking at me like that?


Then is was back to business as usual on Monday, with lectures seeming more interesting after a good weekend’s rest. There was a class test set this week on matrices and vectors. It was an online based test, with a mixture of multiple choice and type-in questions which is a shame because personally, I enjoy paper-based tests. The lectures seem to be having a slow decline of turnout especially with some of the harder subjects, with 200 -ish people turning up on Monday’s engineering analysis but only 40 to today’s mechanics. It seems that the cold and wet weather tends to keep people away!


Chillin’ with ma crew in a maths lecture


Wednesday was a busy day,  with 4 hours of lectures in the morning, clay pigeon in the afternoon  and a house viewing at 5. Shooting was good fun, as always. We went to south Wales 2000 shooting ground in Blackwood. It was a good 40 minute drive there, and it was cold but good fun nonetheless. It was a very small group this week, because the minibus wasn’t provided by the students union for some reason. I can only hope it’s not a long term problem! Nathan had brought with him his new gun; a Revo. It was really nice to shoot with, and the ejectors worked surprisingly well. We played games to try and make the empty cartridges fly the furthest and/or hit the person behind you in the face. Good times :). Seeing as it was only a small, group, we all managed to get in 50+ rounds – very good practice for BUCS in December!


Awww Yeeeah!


The house viewing was for a 4 bedroom house in Cathays, and I’m planning to share with 3 other friends who I’ve known since secondary school. It was a nice house, however it was quite expensive for the price. On Thursday it was long report submission time, followed by a lab again. I had only just managed to finish and print off the report the night before in Trevithick library at 11:30. I even had to print it off twice because I wrote the page numbers out of 13 when there were 14 pages. It ended up with the back page having a page number of 14/13, so I decided to print it again just so the lecturer didn’t think I was a nutter.  In the evening it was pub quiz again, but we didn’t do very well this week. We were about halfway up the scoreboard, even with our group being of 8 people! On the way back from the quiz, I saw that the road just outside Senghennydd was flooded as the heavy rain that day had clogged the drains and was stopping cars getting through. Even the few brave souls that ventured through the huge puddle were stopped by the traffic lights and forced to idle in about a foot of water – not a good thing for an engine to be doing. However, looking there about an hour later the whole road was clear. I can only assume that a council worker had fixed the drain within that time which isn’t bad going especially in such a big city.


Anyone got a paddle…?


Today was also very busy with a full day of lectures. Even though this was the case, I still managed to experiment with my cooking. I cooked a cheese and smoked salmon linguine from first principles, with a fresh Victoria sponge for dessert. The stock cubes I used for the pasta were a bit salty, but the end result tasted nice. Roll on Saturday!


Not bad for an engineer :)


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