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Out and About ~ Hidden spots in and around Cardiff …

… and just like that, we’re well into exam season. Wet season too by the look of it, but when aren’t we?

Raindrops the size of Swansea aside, this is a short mid month post with the view to producing a far meatier one at the end of the merry May. There’s a pun in there as it’s all to do with the best little spots to find some good grub as a student in Cardiff.

Anyhow, I digress; this is a quick POV esc video for anybody who might feel that by second year/third year/ exam season, Cathays is a starting to close in on them. We’ve all been there, as has any student the world over. We love our bubble but my how it closes in on us when we’re stuck in the library and those who are already finished are finding themselves on Instagram in maybe Greece or Croatia. We just need that bit of greenery.

Now, if I were to tell you that I had spent a couple of fine weekends seeking rest bite in Dinas Powys, trying to get away from it all, you might ask ‘why?’. Many who know the area may see it merely as another stop of several on the way to the magisterial Barry Island. Well, I can safely say, that it’s actually home to some of the best views around and most picturesque waling trails.

Where and how? Simply rock up at Cathays train station and get the train heading to Barry Island. It’ll cost you just north of a fiver for a return (without a rail card) & you know what, it’s very much worth it. Sun filled day or not, once you’re there, head into the center of the village – side note – there’s a mighty fine coffee shop there entitled ‘The Plug’ (link below). Once you’re in the village center, follow the signs to the golf course and once there, the initial trail should be fairly obvious.

Frustratingly, I managed to pick the wet/ misty day for filming and so I have not done the woods or the views or the colors justice at all. The rain really set in before we could climb high enough to capture the true beauty of the rolling hills or the fields that lie beyond the woods but hopefully you can see a little snippet of what it has going on. It’s incredibly secluded, and easily doable in an afternoon if you don’t have time to get all the way to Brecon for that perfect selfie!

Why are you telling me this? Why should we care? Fair enough, it’s not in Cardiff… but if you’re without a car, without your sanity after hour upon hour studying midweek, then take advantage of what your hidden surroundings have to offer. Everybody does the Bay and some truly intrepid explorers, may just stumble upon St. Faggins, but this is representative of the easily accessible, cheap, refreshing days out that lie under our noses, just beneath the worlds most expensive Business books.

So… grab a picnic, grab some wine or something stronger if all didn’t go to plan (I’m talking about coffee you nutters), select a warm afternoon and try something new. You won’t regret it.

Until next time, keep plugging away. I’ll be constructing my foodie list, in which time, you can work up an adequate appetite… ‘you’re killing us’.


The Plug:

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