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Blood Donation

Yesterday I went to a blood donation session at a local church. After my experience I feel the need to talk about this particular topic because blood donation is so important and not enough people participate. A nurse I spoke to claimed that only 3% of the population donate blood, which means that blood is

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Fy marn i, Lleu Bleddyn am astudio yn y Gymraeg/Lleu Bleddyn and the advantages of Welsh Medium HE

Mae cyfle i chi ddarllen am lysgenhadon y Coleg Cymraeg yn y blog arbennig sy’n sôn am eu profiadau o fod yn fyfyrwyr mewn prifysgolion ledled Cymru sef Llais y Llysgennad  Dilyna #LlaisLlysgennad ar Twitter er mwyn cael darlun o fywyd myfyriwr cyfrwng Cymraeg ar ffurf lluniau, fideos a llawer mwy!  

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I’ve completed the Cardiff Award!

It’s done… just over a year after starting it, I’ve completed the Cardiff Award! Scarily enough, it doesn’t seem like a year ago when I first went along to the induction, but five workshops and 270+ extra-curricular hours later… I’ve finished! The Cardiff Award is Cardiff Uni’s employability award, and it’s something I’d really suggest

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Self Care

Sorry this is a bit of a short one today, I’m currently attempting to find somewhere else to finish my placement year at the moment, so I’m a little stressed! After my 3rd hour sat in exactly the same spot at the computer, I decided that I should probably give myself a break, and practice

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