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Plans Change

I’ve decided to write a bit of a personal post this time, so I hope you will all excuse me being a bit open and cheesy. I guess the message of this post is probably not to panic, things go wrong, your plans might  change, but it’s okay, you’ll get through it. I’m saying this

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How to Long Distance at University

A statement like “I’m in a long distance relationship” can either lead to a response of respect or a sympathetic “awww”. What is seen as the typical university lifestyle of degrees, sex and alcohol doesn’t work when it comes to mature, trusting LDRs. Since we’re still in the week of Valentines (I’m really pushing it

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Joint honours degrees. What are they all about?

Double the trouble or twice as nice? Here’s the low-down on my joint honours experience.  For as long as I can remember thinking about going to university, I’d wanted to study English Literature. However, having taken on media studies for four years throughout my GCSEs and A-Levels, I found another subject that I enjoyed studying

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