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Plans Change

I’ve decided to write a bit of a personal post this time, so I hope you will all excuse me being a bit open and cheesy.

I guess the message of this post is probably not to panic, things go wrong, your plans might  change, but it’s okay, you’ll get through it.

I’m saying this because I unfortunately fell ill over Christmas whilst doing my placement year in Germany. I returned home for a couple of weeks to see my doctor and hopefully get everything sorted. Sadly it wasn’t as easy as that, and my doctor suggested that I should return to the UK, so she could treat me, as we still weren’t 100% on what was wrong with me. I therefore had to end my placement and come back to York.

I’m now faced with a bit of uncertainty. Obviously this doesn’t mean I have to drop out of University, I can either take an interruption of study, starting again in September, or I can find another placement in York (which is proving difficult!). But I’m not sure what’s going to happen, which is incredibly scary for somebody who has carefully planned every step of her education since her GCSEs.

I’m sad that I won’t get to finish my placement, that I didn’t get to experience a full year of living in Germany, that I’m leaving my friends, and that I may have to forgo Psychology with a Professional Placement if I can’t find another placement.

But the panic has subsided a little now and I’m glad to be home in York, where my doctor can help me figure out what’s wrong!

First of all, if anybody finds themselves in a similar situation, please contact me, I can talk you through all of the steps. Secondly, if anybody is scared about their future, or their plans are changed for them, please don’t be stressed, these things happen and everything will work out. I’m hopeful that I will find another placement, one that will give me a whole new experience of where Psychology might take me. If I can’t find one, I’ll take this time to really get better and hopefully in final year  I’ll be able to give everything to get the mark I want to at the end.

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