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Rainy Day Rant

I want to turn myself into a sushi roll. I want to find every single blanket in this house, lay them on the floor and log roll myself away so only my ugly socks are showing. Yes. It is an ugly sock day. That is how dire the situation is right now.


It’s not that difficult, given 99.9% of the time it’s raining in Wales. Take right now for instance. Total devastation. Like serious monsoon level shizzle is being flopped out of these clouds. I tried taking my paddle boat outside to see if I would float away. I stayed there for a good 2 minutes. My neighbour walked past me just to pull a “gurl you cray” face before going back inside.


How do you kick the February blues? What can Cardiff possibly offer that will motivate you to get out of bed, stop watching Netflix and actually utilise the day?

Here’s what I discovered, a good HoCho (hot chocolate) can change your life. There’s this new coffee shop that’s opened up near the pleasure gardens in Roath. It’s called Field of Beans. It’s this tiny place that looks like a log cabin. I was getting some serious forest vibes as soon as I walked in. Its super cosy, super warm, and their zesty HoCho actually made me laugh it was that good.

Another place to go is Wellfield Road. Sooooo many yummy places. So many tea rooms. I feel like February is the time for the Coffee shop crawls. For me, I’m just starting assignments. There is this orthodontic project we have to do, and I’m so behind in my Final Year Project at the moment that I’m actually getting palpitations. The occasional caffeine kicks are the only joy I have. I’ve spoken about Chaiholics so much you guys are probably sick of it, so I’ll mention my other haunt. Tea and Cake. The owner is a babe. He is this constantly happy, warm guy who treats every customer like family. From the way he describes each tea to you and encourages you take a sniff of allllllllllllll the jars before you find the one you like; to the fluffy, buttery heavenly cakes he bakes. I swear you can actually taste his love for baking in those cakes. Such massive slices he cuts too! Enough to give you type 2 diabetes I swear! For the occasional pick-me-up, its perf though.

It’s not all about food. Sometimes work gets better with friends. I feel the library study-group days brewing. ASSL used to be my favourite library in first year. It’s the arts and social sciences library down on Cathays campus. Recently it’s become 24 hours so you can go any time a serious cram-down is required. ASSL and Cochrane are definitely the best all-nighter libraries. ASSL have these little desks that cut you off from everyone else. There these little wooden shelters that let you zone into work mode so easily, but without feeling claustrophobic. The desks I love are placed right next to these big windows that span the length and width of the wall, so it’s like your floating outside. They overlook these big oak trees and the green grounds around the library, so it immediately makes you feel relaxed no matter how stressed you may be.

One time…a very desperate time ago, I was sat there. It was about 4am and I had this poster deadline that I was only half way through. I had my headphones on listening to one of those cringey “classical music for revision” playlists and I was focusing so hard on my laptop that everything was a blur. It was only when the entire desk glowed orange and light reflected off my laptop right into my eyes that I looked out the window at the sunrise. The sky looked like a painter’s pallet, diffusing from dusky blue to pale pink to a fiery orange that lit up the entire library. It was so pretty. I don’t know if it was because I was incredibly sleep deprived and a little high off all the espressos I had been chugging, but I remember getting really emotional. I think it was Mozart booming in my ears that really gave me the feels, but suddenly I felt like the world was pretty, and my poster was possible. I submitted it an hour before the deadline and went into lectures looking like a strangled rat, but it was done, and I was happy.

That is what ASSL does. It gives you epic cram downs. It gives you cram down mems for years.

No matter what course you’re studying in Cardiff, or what course you’re excited to start…there will be hard times ahead. There will be days where you just want to quit and all the work you’re doing doesn’t seem good enough. The key thing to do, is to take a step back…go outside, and experience something different. Then go back to work again with friends. There will always be another person feeling how you’re feeling. Good company in stressful times can make everything feel so much more manageable.

So to my A level followers getting your offers…pick a university which makes you feel inspired. Pick a city that can give you cheer. This is all sounding a bit cheesy, but it’s legit. You’re in university for the long run, you gotta pick a place where you can roll with the punches and not want to run away from. For me at least, Cardiff offers that.

Bunk House Cardiff

Okay so this is neither Tea and Cake or Field of Beans, but it is another pit stop on my coffee crawl. This is Bunk House in Cardiff town

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