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A mad musician who walks into walls whilst sober

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Random events since my last blog

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, life seems to have been rather hectic lately! Since I last blogged, I attempted to make pancakes, had an amazing night out, had a trip to A&E (not related to the night out!) and another reading week which involved very little reading. So I guess I will start with pancake day, which ended up with me getting rather messy. As it was pancake day I decided I had to attempt to make pancakes. This of course started with me googling ‘how to make pancakes.’ ok, so your probably thinking who on earth doesn’t know how to make pancakes! Answer – me, I only ever make pancakes on pancake day and completely forget how to make them every year. None of my flat mates wanted pancakes, but this didn’t deter me. Everything seemed to be going really well, the pancakes were edible and the kitchen stayed quite clean. Then one of my flat mates came into the kitchen and started laughing, I had no idea why she was laughing. Once she had composed herself, she enlightened me to the fact that I had batter all on the back of my jumper! I still haven’t worked out how I managed to get quite so messy, but I can see now why my mum doesn’t like me cooking pancakes at home :p I’m sure a child wouldn’t have got as messy as me.

Several weeks ago it was one of my friends birthdays and we had a great night out. It started with predrinks – music student style! This involved us singing an operatic version of Stacey’s mum and name classical composers when we were doing a buzz subject in ring of fire. I am ashamed to admit that I was not able to name a classical composer – I had modern composers stuck in my head, so all we managed was beethoven and Mozart. Shameful! We call ourselves music students – although I’m thinking we may have been a little tipsy at this point.

Now onto the trip to A&E which had nothing to do with alcohol and was rather boring. I stupidly didn’t read the ingredients of the conditioner before I washed my hair. Result – allergic reaction and spending an incredibly boring day in hospital. The most embarrassing part of this was I then had to make my way home in my pjs!

I was expecting a nice quiet reading week catching up on sleep and not doing much at all. This didn’t happen! Reading week was hectic – so much work to catch up on. On the Tuesday of reading week the contemporary music group had a concert and several weeks earlier, us first years had been offered the opportunity to enter a composition to possibly be played in a pre concert event before this concert and mine was one of the compositions that was chosen :) so exciting! So one day I was casually walking round the music department and I heard someone practising the flute. I was like what is that piece, I recognise that, I’ve played that. Took me at least 5 minutes to realise that it was my composition :p having my composition played in this pre concert event was amazing. It was so strange to hear someone play a piece I wrote.

After this I went to a BBC now concert at Wales sport centre, this is probably the best concert I have been to! The concert was aimed at people who were deaf and hearing impaired. This concert was signed, introduced everyone to the different instruments of the orchestra, offered you the chance to sit in the orchestra to feel the vibrations of the music and also involved a song where the audience had to sing and fingerspell. It was so much fun. The highlight of this concert for me was when a woman signed and sung a song a friend of hers had wrote about her son being deaf. It was so sweet how her son was watching her and signing parts of it with her. Not sure if there were many people who weren’t close to tears. Oh and I mustn’t forget the dancing! BBC NOW orchestra got up and were dancing whilst they played soul bossa nova.

So the past few weeks have been rather eventful and today I am going to the wow festival in London with Cardiff so look out fo tweets and blogs from me and Hannah.

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