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Rugby, Rugby & Rugby

I thought as the international rugby games are now upon us its worth a small blog to really emphasise the importance of rugby in Cardiff.

Being a born and bred football fan I came to Cardiff without a single interest in the so called ‘real mans’ game. But after three years of it being thrust in my face I have learnt to enjoy this fast paced sport. In all honesty I could watch England play any sport even if our current form is below par.


The best thing about rugby international season is that the city is lit up with the buzz of game day and no matter where you are the atmosphere will find you. There is no such thing as a quiet pint and whether you like it or not you will support Wales. Just a walk through town is all you need to get you in the sporting mood and every bar in town welcomes you with open arms. If you are willing to battle through the viking like fans that stand strong, pint in hand.

The Millenium Stadium -

If Rugby isn’t your game and the atmosphere has no effect on you then at least this is the time of year you can earn a few bob. Each international game pretty much means a full days work for a student. Through the Student’s Union Jobshop You can normally get a spot serving food or drink at on of the hundreds of bars in the Millenium Stadium. With a free lunch thrown in its a hard deal to turn down.


So fan or not, here at Cardiff the game days are always something to embrace and it’s an atmosphere that most other Universities just cannot offer.



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