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Second semester

So it has been quite a while since I’ve written a blog. I suppose quite a lot has happened since Christmas. When I came back to Cardiff, I was the only one in the flat for several days, it was so quiet and clean!

I only had one exam in January and it was on the first day of the assessment weeks, so this means that I had 2 weeks off after this J. Over this time, I realized that having nothing to do is incredibly boring! My days revolved around sleep, practicing my instruments, watching far too much TV on lovefilm and going to the gym. After a few days of having no structure to my life I decided I couldn’t wait for lectures to start again, I like having a hectically busy life.

I felt so unprepared for the exam even though I’d done lots of revision for it over Christmas, but I didn’t get to do much revision the week before the exam as I was going crazy trying to get my essay and composition ready for the deadline. I now know to never leave referencing to last-minute and to write down the page numbers for all of my quotes, as the night before the essay deadline ended up involving searching through books to try to find which book I got a quote from for hours. Of course the quote turned out to be in the very last book I searched through. Lesson learnt! The exam wasn’t too bad, even though there was a mistake in one of the questions! I ended up finishing the exam early and there was a 30 minute time slot in which you were allowed to leave if you had finished (you couldn’t leave in the first hour of last 30 minutes.) I asked to leave and was just about to sign the piece of paper to leave when the senior invigilator said that there was 30 minutes left of the exam and no one else could leave. This meant I had to sit there for 30 minutes (whilst desperate for the loo) with nothing to do other than contemplate my life.

As soon as lectures started I became crazily busy again. This week we received our results for last semester. Thankfully I got good results in all my modules, but it took me a little while to realize this. The results were posted on a board and you had to locate your student number on there to then see your result for each module. I didn’t realize that all of the marks were up there so it took me 3 attempts to find out my marks in all my modules. Common sense really isn’t a strong point of mine!

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