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Second Week, Second Semester – Second Chance!

So, it’s the second week in and already I’m starting to feel tired!

Last weekend, I went to the Christian Union’s Houseparty 2013. It was based in an old stately home just outside of Dinas Powys, which luckily was only a quick rail journey away. Events included worship, Bible study and even a CU talent show! On Saturday we watched the frankly appalling Wales vs. Ireland game, where to the delight of my mate Ireland somehow managed to win. All in all it was an amazing weekend, where I managed to make friends in the Cu and have a great time!


Group Photo of The CU Weekend Away!


My sister has currently achieved a place at Cardiff to do a Nursing course, and so when the faculty’s open day came around last Wednesday, we used it as an excuse to spend an afternoon together in Cardiff. The weather was superb and we finished off by having a meal in pizza express- courtesy of my folks back home of course! ;)


The Four Seasons Pizza – “I’ve never had anchovies before…”

The weather has been bizarre recently. Even as spring feels just around the corner, Wales still manages to throw some odd weather into the mix. For example, I took the following photo of Senghennydd court on a beautiful sunny day, and that very same evening it was heavy rain with 100mph winds. This claimed many umbrellas and the bins scattered around Cardiff told the same story. Strange…

Sunny Senghennydd


Not-So-Sunny City Center!

Over the revision period, I managed (in my own clumsiness) to drop my laptop onto its power supply jack causing it to snap clean off. As I am still waiting for the replacement in the post, I have found myself frequenting the Library much more. It seems as though the general traffic in the library has picked up which is a good sign. Before the start of term, there were probably less than 5 people – including the staff working behind the desk, now there are about 20. It’s is a healthy sign for the engineering department as a whole – even if there is more competition for the computers now!

The Library is No Longer Empty :)



This Wednesday, I went to my first shoot of the semester. It was a freezing cold day on top of a bleak mountain in Blackwood, south wales. We had a good turnout, with around 25 people turning up. Some of the regulars even commented about how good the group’s aim was – even if they did then joke that we should be working harder! I didn’t shoot so well, not reaching my normal average of 60%. Although, I’m sure the wind had something to do with it! :D




On Thursday, it was the annual governors meeting for the students union. It took place in the great hall, with around 300 people fitting into that one space. The meeting was rather long, and by the end of it the crowd were mainly voting with the majority as to get to the Taff quicker! It was nice to feel as though my vote mattered and it was interesting to see the background running of the student’s union.


All those in favour of the inanimate carbon rod for NUS president..?


Friday morning, it was back into lectures with a double mechanics followed by Power engineering. Roll on the weekend!



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