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Part-time triathlete, full-time student, aspiring Masterchef

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Howdy Followers,

Since the heavy snowfall of the 2010 winter we have only had a few light dustings  of snow here in South Wales, so yesterday when Derek (the Welsh weatherman) was forecasting up to a foot of snow to fall over night, I was more exited than a kid on Christmas eve. And that says a lot!!

Waking up this morning was no disappointment either. Looking out of my bedroom window there was a blanket of thick snow on the ground and plenty of the white stuff still falling. So with the day off from placement I did briefly consider doing some revision but instead opted to take my mountain bike out to play in my local forestry. (I can always work later right?)

I didn’t regret the decision either – although a ride which would normally take about an hour took nearly 2! I  got to play in 2-3 feet of snow drift in places  and had the entire mountain to myself. Bliss.

Having just about warmed my self up im just about to settle down to a bit of revision before maybe going out sledging before swimming tonight. That’s my snow day in a nutshell.

I hope your all having as much fun with the snow as me. Travel safe if you are going anywhere this weekend.



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