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So near and yet so far!

Easter is nearly up and boy do I wish it would last a little longer.

Not because I have deadlines coming up, or even because the end of Easter means the beginning of exams. Its that it means I have only 5 more weeks of University left and its all over. Real life starts!


So anyway, this time I am not going to bother complaining about how much work I have right now because I think if you have been following my blogs you will already know that for sure. I thought that as I am at the brink of my uni life ending I would maybe summarise my top five favourite things about studying here is Cardiff.

1. Somehow this is often forgotten… but it is ridiculously easy to get around the city. Because the city is tiny, you don’t need a car or bus or even taxi’s. You can walk pretty much anywhere across the city campus in no time and (presuming the weather is good) the surrounding area is really decent.

2. Probably already well known I hope but if you didn’t hear. Cardiff is was voted the best place to live in the UK in some article somewhere in 2014 ha! Apologies for the terrible reference. But it is true, cost of living is so low and the social side is so great that there is tonnes to do and you can normally find the spare cash to make the most of it.

3. League table aside, the University is a really good standard and some specific areas of research is world leading here so if you are social science/engineering/languages/journalism and many more you have some top class staff to give you a hand with those essay tweaks.  Not all the staff are super helpful (from my experience) but if you ask around you will normally find out the more willing professors of the bunch.

4.Despite what they say… the weather is not all that bad. I am looking out the window as I type now and see nothing but blue in the sky. It’s the UK, and that means rain. But honestly I barely notice it. (probably because I am stressing so much atm I have no time to notice).

5. Finally, the last point….


… it doesn’t matter. I don’t think that it would matter what university I had ended up at. Yes I have loved Cardiff from start to finish. But I couldn’t name one person who went to university anywhere and didn’t. If you are thinking about Cardiff then great, it will deliver, I can guarantee it (not legally binding)!! Just make the most of it because it will fly by, as I am realising more and more each day.


Anyway, back to the books!




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