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“Somebody’s boring me. I think it’s me.”

Hello Campers, I’m writing this blog surrounded by mountains of sheets of paper and open books with highlighters and pens dotted around the place- can only mean one thing, revision!

Although exams begin next week, my first being on Tuesday, there are still deadlines to be met right up until Monday so my time management skills have definitely been put to use this week!

However I did manage to find time to attend a concert by by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales on Monday evening in Hoddinott Hall down the bay, and I think it is definitely up there in one of the best concerts I’ve seen them perform. As a music student in Cardiff uni, we’re eligible for £3 tickets for the majority of the concerts by BBC NOW and so I regularly go to them. The concert on Monday evening took place at their home in Hoddinott Hall in Wales Millennium Centre and was in memory of the welsh poet Dylan Thomas (hence this week’s quote). The concert, which I think is still available on BBC iplayer somehow, consisted of a work by Thomas’ close friend Daniel Jones, a world premiere of Mervyn Burtch’s workwelsh composer Alun Hoddinott’s Clarinet Concerto, a rare performance of Stravinsky’s In Memorium Dylan Thomas and American composer Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring. It was this final piece which I fell in love with, from being energetic and crazy one minute to being completely heart-wrenching the next. So pleased I went!

I’ve also managed to squeeze a couple of shifts in at the union which is always good, other than that my week has had a very strict (?) structure of revision for the exam on Tuesday and finishing off the essay for Monday however, the University’s societies ball is tomorrow evening which is very exciting because Music have been nominated for four awards! If I remember right music have been nominated for most improved society (hurray!!), best individual committee member, best fringe event and gold society award. So I’ll make sure I fill you in on how that goes next week! I’m sure there’ll be many antics to report too ;)

Anyway that’s me signing off for another week- Catch you next time!



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