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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

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Summer in Wales

‘ello there! Long-time no speak?! How ya’ll doing? Firstly megatron congrats for those who got their uni offers and are coming to joinnn meeehh in good old Caerdydd…land of the Welsh! Bring yee wellies lassies ‘cause you’re in for a puddle filled adventure! Filled with the awesomeness of dee Cardiff waters and the fields of dee fluffy sheep! (Breaking the stereotypes of wales for a sec…I have to say I’ve not actually seen many sheep as of late! They may all have scarpered, or mutated to gain some camouflaging characteristics so they’re green like the bushes…me nono.)

I’ve actually spent most of my summer exploring Wales! I camped for a good 4 days in the Brecon Beacons. Discovering my inner cave woman wasn’t pretty. I returned home looking a little bit mad and a little bit hairy…like a female Hagrid. I smelt kinda funky too, but that’s too much information. Brecon is beautiful! It’s a National Park that borders mid and South Wales. It’s a bit of a drive from Cardiff but I had lots of KFC’s at the service stations! The fries kept me going! To quote a bit of Samwise Gamgee…”I love dem taters.” Anyway Brecon is quite a mountainous terrain, the highest peak is Pen Y Fan which is a good 886m above sea level! I had a go climbing the beast, but couldn’t finish the climb because I kept stopping for cookie breaks. (Awkward note: I think I ate more calories than I burnt…Those Maryland cookies are the shizzle.)

Apart from the beautiful views and the pretty hikes, the campsite itself was pretty fun! We stayed at this campsite called Ynysfaen. It was out in the wilderness, close to the river Usk. Cars weren’t allowed on the site so I had to abandon my poor baby Tim (my car’s called Tim guys) and carry all my bags in these multi-coloured wheel barrows that were quirky as hell, but made me feel like a garden gnome. The best bit was the stars. I am a wee bit of a city lass, so with so much light pollution I barely get to marvel at those sparkly balls of gas burning above us. On the first night there, I jumped out of the tent to go brush my teeth (bit of modified bass technique, bit of flossing…as ya dental students doo) when I looked up and had a “woaaahh” moment. The sky was rich with these pearly lights splattered prettily over the sky. I grabbed all the others out of the tent and we stayed up all night star gazing. We had no clue what the names of the constellations were so we went for the classics…Pysgod Wibbly Wobbly for the group that were shaped like a jelly fish…and Poppity Ping for all the speckled ones. (Shout-out to Luke for the name inspirations! Give the words a google guys…that’s some terribly useful welsh words right there)

En par with the Welsh theme of my summer…I also took a road trip with my sister to Tenby in Pembrokeshire! It’s the cutest seaside town, with the best fudge everrrrr! Banana and chocolate flavoured fudge, can you imagine?! It was like chewy (and unavoidably carious) heaven in my mouth. I died with every bite. Sooo good! The beaches in Tenby all merge into one another, so we did a lot of coastal walks! We also had a picnic, ate some sandywiches, climbed up a cliff, climbed down a cliff, explored some caves, got scared in the caves, thought there was a bat in the caves, fleed the caves, went on a boat, got sick in the boat (I’m more of a land mammal…me no like da sea) anddddd then drove home like happy chappys. I took a couple of snaps of the place so check out my Instagram for the pics!

(Side note: My phone has gone AWOL recently so I’ve been relying on my disposable camera for the pics…god knows how they’re gonna come out but we’ll see! If they all end up as half blurred pictures of the side of my face, then it will be poopoo.)

On top of my mid/south/west Wales escapades, I also returned back to Caerdydd and slept over my cousins over the weekend. Every summer Cardiff Bay will turn into a beach, in an event fittingly called “Beach in the Bay.” They have helter-skelters, fairground rides, dance displays…everything to re-kindle your inner child and transport you to a far more exotic location, so you don’t need to leave home to go on holiday! Afterwards the fam and I went to Nandos and had our usual chicken binge-out. (I dunno what is up with me and chicken, but it’s like the stuff is calling to me…it wants me to digest it. Sometimes I spend my evening just googling pictures of chickens, thinking about eating them. It’s a little unhinged. I may need some therapy.) We went backkkk to Cardiff Bay for desert in this old school vibey place called Café Rouge…we had waffles drowned in melted chocolate and splodged with ice cream. Just thinking about it makes my food baby grow…it was naughty stuff.

Moving on from Wales and into my neighbour Englandddd…I ventured on a spontaneous Road Trip to Birmingham! Went straight to Lady Pool road and feasted upon samosas, onion bhajis and all the good Indian take-outs a girl could crave! Instead of really enjoying the city and having a student-loan splurging shopping spree in the Bull Ring, I went to Alton Towers. Yep. Random I know. Craved me some adrenalin. Went on all the big rides like a brave little monkey…endured that Guinness World Record breaking 14 loop rollercoaster with my brains in-tact (ish) and ate a lot of those overpriced but gooey theme park doughnuts.

Basically, this summer I got fat.

Speaking of fatness, nearer the beginning of the summer my family and I celebrated Eid, which is a MEGA FEAST DAY to mark the end of Ramadan (Muslim month of fasting.) We picnicked in Cwmbran Boating lake (a mini-city about 20mins away from Cardiff…it has the prettiest town centre that’s definitely worth a day visit) and then dined at my Grandmas house with a massive roast dinner. Not many people like sprouts, but I think there’s nothing better than sprouts drowned in gravy sauce (don’t gag, the stuff is good!)

Summer is not over yet though! I’m going to Thorpe Park soon with my chummies! Gonna carry on this adrenalin-junkie faze I’m in and stay in the Shark Hotel for a two-day rollercoaster fest. Then straight after I’m globe-trotting to Barceloooonaaaaa to finaaalllllly visit Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces! (I have a bit of a Gaudi crush!) But!!! When I get back I must get ready and pack for University. So whilst I pack, I shall try and write a good guide for yee freshers so you know what to bring to Cardiff! Get excited! Your Cardiff days are near!

Aarifa over and out.

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