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Afternoon all!

Isn’t it amazing when the weather is good and you have nothing to do but enjoy it! The s certainly what I’ve been doing recently. Yep, that’s second year done and dusted and it’s now time for summer.

The last few weeks of term saw my project come on leaps and bounds as the work I did for the portfolio review really helped to explain the scheme, making it far easier to understand. Since the final crit I’ve made a whole site model and drawn and rendered some new plans and sections. It was hard, time consuming work but it was worth it and the final presentation looked great.

Below are a few of the pieces I presented (click on each piece to enlarge). There’s the section through the entire site, 3 sections across the dock at different stages then 3 photos of my model, rendered to show atmosphere.


I’m now in Chester staying with my girlfriend’s family before returning to Cardiff on the 12th to help people pin up for the external moderation exhibition on the 13th and 14th then I’m off home to Devon with a few friends in tow to start my summer.

As nice as it would be to spend the whole summer lounging on the beach or going out kayaking, I’m intending to get a number of work experience placements with architects to get a better taste of what the architectural world is really like. Getting these placements is a laborious process involving writing to as many architects as you can think of and sending a CV and portfolio then waiting to hear back from them… so far this isn’t going well for me! There are a few more practises I need to write off to as well as an architect who lives (and works) at the end of my road.

Along with work experience, we have been set a summer project which involves completing the Autodesk BIM Curriculum. What is BIM? BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and it pulls together all aspects of construction together into one 3d computer model; one large working document that each profession adds to. Previously architects would produce one drawing, send it to the engineers who would amend it then that would become the new document. The plumbers and electricians would each do their own documents for a project. With BIM, all of these drawings and diagrams are compiled into one which helps eliminate problems on site like pipes being in the way of doors etc. The whole industry is moving towards BIM so it’s important for us to understand it now as it will make us more employable in the future!

Anyway I’m off to enjoy some more sun! Hope you’re all enjoying the weather and not spending too much tome cooped up inside!!

Until next time





  1. danielle says:

    hey george, am applying to your school soon for civil and environmental engineering or architectural engineering was wondering if you could please fill me in on what i need to know. my contacts +2348095879120,

  2. chandu says:

    hey george, im planning to join your school for pg in civil . so can i know its good in cadiff. ,

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