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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

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Summertime in Cardiff

*Random opening monologue*
I blew up my laptop. It went boom. I was sad. So now I’m writing this in the library. Whilst eating cashews. Cashew rave. I am sad.

To clarify my mental stability, I did not intentionally make my laptop go KABOOMBOOM. I was sat there watching a random llama video when my arm decided it wanted to break free from my brain and do a weird flapping motion. (Fly my little arm, fly.) This knocked over my big jug of pink lemonade, which then flowed like a bubbly river of awesomeness onto my keyboard…which then went KABOOMBOOM.

First I was sad about all that wasted pink stuff. Then as my laptop began sparking, I realised I was going to die and fled to my bathroom to watch it combust from a safe distance. But instead of the epic burst of flames I envisioned, my laptop did this really sad wheeze and the screen went black. I swear it was one of the saddest moments of my life. Since then I have discovered one key thing about myself…


You know that Macklemore song where he sounds like he’s yodelling but really he’s saying “lookingforabetterwaytogetupoutofbedintseadofcheckingontheinternet”…I was like bro, there ain’t no better way of waking up than a morning llama video. Macklemore no no the llama love.

Anyway since my laptop’s death I have discovered that there is a lot of other things to do with your life once you’ve plugged out of  youtubeeetubeee.


 Wells wees doos this!

Cardiff Bay and Barry Island

  1. Go to Cardiff Bay! Now I’ve spoken about Cardiff Bay before, but what I’ve only recently discovered is the play park and (free) outdoor gym they have on the other end of the bay past the Doctor Who exhibit. After our last exam a bunch of us went to the bay and stumbled upon its awesomeness. The bay also has a heck load of food places, and a cinema and bowling complex to entertain oneself in. Plus they show movies in IMAX! (Fancy fancy.)
  2. Rent/Grab a bike and follow the Taff Trail. The Trail follows the Taff river and runs a whopping 55miles from Cardiff Bay to Brecon. I attempted to cycle the beast. I started panting after half a mile, gave up and ate some pudding.
  3. Paddle on a paddle boat in a paddling park named Roath. For us healthcare students at the Heath Campus, Roath Park is our summer sanctuary. Its a massive boating lake where you can rent wee little paddle boats or retro looking rowing boats and float onto the lake to chill and whatnot.
  4. Have afternoon tea. Yes I like to sip tea and nibble little cakes like an old grandmummy but hey, don’t judge it till you’ve tried it! Pettigrew tea rooms by Cardiff Castle were so cute. They served these massive slices of cake the size of my face and these dinky little sandwiches on a carrousel. I felt like I was in the 19th century…in a good way.
  5. Hit the beaches! Cardiff alas has not got its own beach, but there are two beaches that are a mere bus ride or train ride away! Let me go into detail…


If you fancy cliff walks, a heck load of ice cream parlours and lots of sand, then Barry Island is the place for you! (Check out my persuasive writing, so persuaaasive.) I went to Barry this weekend with a few other humans…it was literally a 40minute drive away! The weather was amaaazinggg! At its hottest it was 24/25 degrees and the sky was clear blue. We just sat there mulching around like walruses, absorbing some Vitamin D, before my crazy fitness-fanatic friend whipped out the beach ball and forced the rest of us to burn off the yummy ice cream and whack a wee ball around. There was this old guy tanning in his speedos, and one dodgy aim on my part whacked the poor man straight on his bum. This caused my to loudly yell “Oh dear its raining beach balls” before fleeing up the Cliff.

On fleeing up said cliff with my sweaty faced buddies not far behind, we stumbled across the most beautiful views! Bright blue waters all the way to the horizon, with one lone sailboat floating in the distance. It was spectacular.


Pembrokeshire=Pebbles pebbles pebbles pebbles pebbles. Yeah.

Pembrokeshire is a pebble beach. Now don’t let that put you off it’s actually just as nice if not a wee bit nicer than Barry. There is still sand, just not as vast or as golden an expanse. Pembrokeshire is perfect for a cycle. I popped home one Saturday and my dad and I decided to make a trip to Pembrokeshire and cycle in the coast’s national park. For those of you who have bikes in Cardiff, grab your bike, hop on a train, and do this path cause its really pretty. For the lazing around ice cream-munchers of you…do not fear for Pembrokeshire too has a multitude of ice cream parlours to divulge in.

Now for all you lucky monsters who have already broken up for summer and are back in your hometowns…I am jelly. Us second year dentists are still in Uni! But for all you prospective students who are probably just finishing your last exams…final push guys! Cause your summer is nearly starting! Work hard! Good Luck!
Aarifa over and out.








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