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Sweet as bro!

Kia Ora! (hello in Maori) and welcome back to my somewhat neglected blog…I’ve been so busy over here I’ve genuinely found it hard to find a spare couple of hours to update you all on my adventures so far. Mainly because I’ve been living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world- exhibit A:

First things first, you will all be glad to hear shortly after my last blog was published I finally found employment in Wanaka! This was a massive relief because I wont lie, if i hadn’t found work exactly when i did, i would have been on the next flight back to Heathrow. But thank sweet Jesus that didn’t happen, because I’ve been having the time of my life! And classically I got offered 3 jobs all on one day- jobs are like buses, you wait around all day for one then they all come at the same time. This was very exciting news for me because i could finally start earning back some of the money i had already spent and was actually able to afford an apres ski pint at happy hour every day- basically an everyday rite of passage in Wanaka.

So what employment did i find myself in i hear you ask? Well the first job i accepted was a housekeeping position in a local hotel, a pretty easy but albeit rather dull job, complete with the obligatory shrill call of “HOUSEKEEPING” before walking into every room. Despite it being not a particularly challenging role, i still managed to get told off as the ONE time i didn’t check the bedside table drawers and the guest had checked out and left their passport in the room… Pretty idiotic of the guest if you ask me but i definitely bore the brunt of the blame. My second engagement of employment came in the form of the local Mexican restaurant, aptly named ‘Amigos’. Thankfully, I didn’t have to dress up a giant jalapeno (much to my housemates utter dismay) as i landed myself the most glamorous job of dishwasher. My hands turned to prunes within the first hour so i donned some beautiful yellow marigolds and i now wash the dishes as happy as larry! It may sound ridiculous but i do genuinely love the job as i don’t have to deal with any difficult customers (or anyone at all for that matter). I just get to chat to my work mates, drink a good few pints on the job (oops) and eat delicious mexican food- what more could you really want? I also got offered a 3rd job working in a bar on my nights off from the mexican but by this point i was doing nearly 50 hours a week and knew i would probably burn out if i took on any more work.

I’ve been a pretty busy bee really with all that going on, and factoring in all the skiing I’ve still been doing. I’ve managed to get at least 3 full days in every week and more recently its been 6 days a week of shredding- pure bliss! Have even tried my hand at snowboarding which has been good fun but also given me lots of lovely bruises. Think i might stick to skiing!

Generally the views from ski resorts are pretty impressive but there is no view I have ever experienced which is quite like the view from Treble Cone ski field. It is just breathtaking!

Everywhere you go in New Zealand, be it just even 15 minutes out of town, there is such beautiful and impressive natural scenery- the novelty definitely hasn’t worn off for me yet, and I don’t think it ever will! I went to a secluded area out of town in Luggate called ‘The Nook’ after work one night with some friends and built a huge campfire and got suitably merry whilst toasting marshmallows and singing cheesy renditions of acoustic classics. It was a pretty special night and one i will remember for a long time, the stars that night were absolutely insane! For kiwis that sort of activity is just pretty standard of a weekend- a million miles from I get up to in Cardiff on a saturday night usually!

As heartbreaking as it is for me to say it, my time here in Wanaka is sadly nearly up :( I’ve only got 2 more nights here before I head back to Christchurch and continue my travels, firstly to Wellington and then to (wait for it)….FIJI!! So although I am super sad to leave this awesome town behind, i am beyond excited to feel the sun on my skin and get my tan on! I can’t wait for those lazy days chilling in a hammock sipping on a fresh coconut after my jam packed time here. I’ve been away for 2 months now and only have 3 weeks left- can’t believe how quickly the whole thing has gone, gotta make the most of now for sure!

So on that note I shall bid you adieu until next time (and I promise i won’t leave it as long as last time!) Im gonna go and tear up the slopes for the last time this season- may even try a 360 to celebrate.

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