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The best views in Wales…

Two great things about Wales (apart from the people) are the landscapes and the food. I wanted to tell you a bit about my explorations recently when I visited North Wales and saw some of the best views ever…

First, North Wales – only the most magical amazing beautiful place in the world. I got the train from Cardiff Central straight to Llandudno Junction (4 hr trip ish) to meet my family for the Bank Holiday weekend. Bank holidays are really NBD when you’re a student but oh my gosh when you work full time it’s amazing to have ‘free’ time off – and the bank holiday season is just beginning! Anyway… I got the train up, and met my boyfriend at Shrewsbury since he lives in Aberystwyth and we arrived in the evening, with my parents and brother who had driven from Kent, and my Papa who had got the ferry from Dublin, Ireland to Holyhead – I didn’t expect the transport in N. Wales to be that good but looks like I was wrong!

Day 1: Friday was kind of rainy so we decided to risk it and drive an hour out to an amazing little place called Portmeirion – which is sometimes better known as the location for Festival No. 6 every September.


We spent all day wandering around and exploring caves on the seafront, as well the amazing town. It was painted in the most amazing colours and we could have been in an island in Italy if it wasn’t for the Welsh weather…

Day 2: On Saturday we went to Great Orme which is based in llandudno. Great Orme is basically a large park which you drive into along a coastal path, going past a cemetery on the way which is right on a cliff and has an amazing view over the sea. When you get a top there is a visitors centre and a really cool cable car system which you can get down to the bottom. We stayed at the top for awhile and had lunch and then then went to walk around the clifftops. We walked down along the railway line which is a short route that pulls trains of visitors up-and-down all day. After we got back down into Llandudno we walked along seafront for a while and went on peer, and obviously got fresh donuts. It was a really beautiful town and well worth a visit if you are in North Wales.


Day 3: before we came to North Wales I had bought tickets to ride the train up Mount Snowdon from their website. They were quite expensive but well worth it because the train journey up the mountain was incredible. We bundled in to an old-fashioned train carriage with about 30 other people and headed off from the station at the foot of the mountain. On the way up were some of the most amazing views I have ever seen, there were huge expanses of hills and you could see hundreds of feet down the mountain on a few slightly scary bends! When we got to the top we had 30 minutes to enjoy the view before the train tickets backdown. We did feel a little bit guilty because most other people on the mountain had spent several hours walking up it instead of sitting on a train and taking the easy route! When we got up there we got our packed lunches and ate sitting on the edge of a huge drop hundreds of metres below. It was an amazing experience.

Train driver man


Going up

We made it to the top!

Eating lunch on the edge of the world

The ‘train station’

Souvenir sheep!

For the rest of the day we drove around Snowdonia and took in the amazing scenery, wishing that we didn’t have to go back home to work tomorrow! Unfortunately the journey back came sooner than we were ready for, even though it was easy to get one train from north to south wales so the travelling wasn’t so bad. If you have some time I want to explore Wales a bit more then I highly recommend heading up north to see a bit more of Snowdonia, you won’t regret it!


Next month I’ll have moved house so I’ll be sharing some of my top tips on moving in and out of university accommodation – it can be easier than looks!

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