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The End Is Nigh

Unfortunately in the past month I have done almost nothing blog worthy.




Not a smidge.


It seems all I ever talk about is my encroaching deadlines. But being my fourth and final year, hard work is my lifeblood at the moment. Between the lectures and library sessions I can manage a few games of FIFA at most and then its back to the books. So rather than moan, this time I thought I would use this time to tell you a little about my final year projects again now that they are almost done (thank the lord).


So if you are going to take on the MEng in Mechanical Engineering you best prepare yourself for a double final year project. So first project:

Integrated Building Design. 

So this project involves designing an entire hospital from scratch, the architectural, structural, electrical and of course mechanical aspects too. Don’t panic, you don’t get left alone to tackle this monumental task alone. It’s a group of around 8 people from different disciplines that come together and take on the tasks that best fit their abilities. So me, I am hitting the electrical (we didn’t get an electrical engineer) and then the ventilation systems too. But there is plenty of other things that I could have jumped into… heating and cooling, public services… just about anything that goes into designing and building a hospital has to be completed at some point.


With 5 weeks to go until we begin handing in our final designs my part is starting to look a bit more real, yet nowhere near complete.

Just the cable trays are a nightmare

My other project is equally exciting:

Renewable Energy Design

This one is a little more independent because there is much less restriction and guidelines involved with designing a wind and solar farm than a hospital. here we have a requirement of how much energy produce using both solar panels and wind turbines and then we must propose a design of the energy park with both electrical schematics for the layout, structural capabilities in design for the wind turbines and the photovoltaic modules. My part is once again back in the mechanical engineering design side, designing the transmission system for the turbine. This means the rotor hub and shaft, the step up gear box, generator, brakes, bearing and more. In all honesty though it is a hell of a lot of data analysis and mathematics. Doesn’t mean in any way it isn’t enjoyable though. With both of these projects it gives you a really good feel of what it is like to work with a team of all different backgrounds, each coming in with a new perspective.

The energy park our project is based around – Ferndale

Although my projects are both going well, I best get back to them. Unfortunately, these projects don’t write themselves.

Shout out to my Mum as it’s Mother’s day tomorrow too!! Have  great day!


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