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The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

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The final weeks of second year

So its summer, the sun is shining, the skies are blueeeee and everyone is freee from university!

Ah who am I kidding? I’m a dental student. We don’t finish until end of July. END OF JULY. What is this cruelty they inflict upon us?! And we’re in Wales so blue skies are like raining watermelons. Non-existent but desperately craved and slightly dangerous. Dangerous because whenever there IS even a wee glimpse of a blue sky, people will go naked. Not like naughty nude, but shirts will fly off, tank tops will be garbed, and fake tan is slapped on in anxious desperation to speed up the sun-kissing process…Us welshies go craycray when the sun come comes out.

But yeah, whyyyy so long a term for the dentists? Well to be fair we’re only in for random half days, and nearer the end it’s literally only two days a week, the rest of the time you’re free to wobble around, breathe air, and passively exist as CO2 emitting carbon monsters. Arg arg (monster sounds.)

Moving on.

Real information.

This summer term, it’s literally labs, phantom head, and clinics. Basically all the exciting stuff with a heck load of time off, so really having this extended term isn’t that bad at all. It gives you longer with your dental mayteees and you learn the interesting stuff without the pressure of exams squeezing your brains. Very chilled. Like a penguin.

  • In phantom head we’re learning how to place Amalgam (metal) restorations, so we’re looking at material chemistry and cavity design. This may sound like gooblegooble but trust me when you get here it’s exciting…or maybe it’s just me and I’m a sad nerd with a metal fettish. *Awkward*
  • In prosthodontics (labs) we’re playing with WAX. Yumyum. So far we’ve played around with shade taking, making occlusal rims, partial denture models, AND MOUTHGUARDS. Fun stuff those mouthguards…I made mine sparkle. I aimed to bling up my guard with a bit of glitter, but went a wee bit over the top and came out with my whole face sparkling like a wannabe vampire. Come at me twilight.(Cringe)
  • Clinics are good. By the end of second year you’re able to take a medical, dental and social history and do simple restorations. You also get to give oral hygiene advice and scale and polish. The fact that you’re thrown in the deep end and get this clinical experience so early is different from the medics (who only really start treating patients in their foundation years) and makes it a much less daunting transition from uni to working life.

So what am I doing with all the time off?

A few days ago I met up with some of the dental girls and what was originally going to be a barbecue became a cosy dinner date due to TORRENTIAL RAIN. Dang the rain. I mean a bit of puddle splashing is fun…but not to this extent man! Lakes were forming in my shoes. Anyway, we ate the equivalent of our body weight and happy-chatted till bed time.

We also baked brownies! Well I didn’t really bake the brownies, I merely observed and randomly sniffed the other’s good work. But I feel like my sniffing contributions helped the mushy chocolaty squares become the delicacies they were meant to be!

I’ve also ventured out of the realms of Cardiff and vroomvroomed my car to Goldcliff, which is this little hamlet outside Newport, and sat on the sea wall eating a McFlurry with some fellow fatties. We were then assaulted by some aggressively bahhing sheep, which was quiet frightening so we fled the area whilst bahhing back in retaliation.

Until next time!

Aarifa over and out. x 

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