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‘The Heat is On’

Hello readers! It’s been a while hasn’t it?! Here I am writing this blog on the first day back of lectures on the first day of the SPRING semester, and so this is it… my final semester as a Cardiff University student :( This month so far has been crazily busy with exams, coursework deadlines and work.

Since my last blog, I have officially gone through my first draft of my first chapter of my dissertation which was hugely satisfying to complete and it’s so exciting to get the ball rolling and be researching this hugely fascinating topic of musical theatre.

Speaking of which I was lucky enough to see two great musicals in the past few weeks, Miss Saigon was incredible in London and is certainly worthy of all the hype surrounding it. I also saw Top Hat in the Wales Millennium Centre which had a crazily talented cast dancing throughout. Wales Millennium Centre is really student friendly and offer some great deals for students, the SHIFFT service is a great way of getting to see some amazing productions for really great prices!

I’m glad the exams are finally over and I’m looking forward to the modules I’m taking in the coming Spring term. No matter how many exams you do or how much work you prepare, exams never seem to get any easier but the feeling of walking out of the exam hall is always worth it.

I’m making another trek to London this week to meet with the admissions tutor of a postgraduate course which I’m keen to look into so that’s mega exciting. There’s a postgraduate fair coming to the Students’ Union in the next week so that’ll be really helpful in working out the logistics of postgrad.

Other than that, it’s back to lectures and work for the next few months, I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!



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