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Trips take people

Apologies for such a late blog guys. It has been pretty hectic recently with university work, family stuff and sign language exams. A couple of hard core revision sessions and copious amounts of Malteaster bunnies and tea have got me through though, and this week I finally got round to booking my flights to Mexico in the summer.

I am going through the Global opportunities centre, and I am super excited! I will be spending 3 and a half weeks in Guadalajara completing a semi-intensive Spanish course and staying with a Mexican family and then I am going to spend a few days visiting a friend in California. I am really looking forward to my trip, but now I have started to sort out practicalities like visas and flights it all seems a lot more real! :)

I’ll only be studying for a few hours each day, so I hope to be able to travel around different places in Mexico and possibly venture into South America. Spending time with my ‘Mexican family’ will be cool too. I will also get to meet up with a friend who I haven’t seen for a year, which will be great.

After hearing about the trip at a Global Opportunities centre talk, I filled out a short application form. A few weeks later I was invited for a short interview about why I wanted to go and was told that my bursary application was successful. The whole thing was fairly quick and easy. I would definitely recommend that others considered applying, especially current or prospective optoms who wanted to enjoy their last summer of freedom, before second year work placements. There is the opportunity to do some amazing things.

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