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Very Easy Prep for Starting Psychology in September!

If you’re starting University in September you might be looking for some reading to do that is relevant to your course. Although this is a fantastic idea, it can be a little daunting, and might even put you off a little if you’re diving straight into heavy academic papers.

I had a think about the things I’ve watched and read that have been Psychology related, but that haven’t been too taxing to read/watch. So here is a little list of books, films, and shows that are super easy to ingest. Hopefully they’ll get you excited for September!

1. The Secret Life of Four-Year-Olds This sounds a bit silly, but this show is actually really interesting if you’re main interest is Developmental Psychology. I know one of my lecturers suggested that we watch this as a nice, on-topic, break from revision!

2. Still Alice If you want to cry, this is a great film to watch. It explores early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and does a great job of documenting the onset of the illness. I haven’t read the book, but I’ve also heard that’s good, so you could give that a try too!

3. Bad Science I’m so sorry, I mention this book so so frequently, but it’s just so useful! Especially if you want to go into Research Psychology.

4. Ex Machina This is a fantastic film that raises some important questions about AI. It explores the Turing Test and Mary in the Black and White Room. One of my second year modules was titled Thinking and Consciousness, and this film ended up being very relevant, and wonderfully entertaining.

5. Making a Murderer This show is more for those of you who are interested in Forensic Psychology. It does a great job of highlighting poor ethical practice, and the limitations of eyewitness testimony as evidence in court. Although not directly Psychology related, I still think aspects of this show are relevant to the course. Regardless, it is a fantastic, and very heart-wrenching show.

6. Hannibal This is a bit of an odd one. Although the show undeniably portrays Psychopathy in a very negative light, and all of the disorders portrayed are very exaggerated, it did teach me about some more obscure mental health issues and neuropsychological disorders that I wasn’t aware of before. Although not massively useful, the show is very interesting for those interested in Psychology.

7. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat I think I’ve mentioned this before too, but I love this book. It’s written by Oliver Sacks, a neurologist. The book is full of  the case histories of his patients. It’s crammed with odd and interesting stories that anybody who has a passion for Psychology will enjoy reading!

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