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Welcome to the life of Chloe

I’m the girl on the right

Hi – my name’s Chloe and welcome to this little corner of the internet where I, along with other Cardiff students, will be sharing our thoughts and experiences of university. I’ve got all sorts of blog posts planned, but I thought I’d start things off easily with a little introduction to me, and my course.


All about me
I’m 21 years old and in my second year at Cardiff studying Business Management. I started my course in September 2015 but applied for university in 2013 – I took a gap year between sixth form and uni, something I’d be happy to talk about if any one has any questions about gap year life (try saying ‘gap year’ without pronouncing it like ‘gap yahhh’). Even though I wasn’t sure initially that university life was for me, I soon settled in and so far, I’ve had an amazing time at Cardiff. Since the start of my course, I’ve got involved in all sorts of things – I’m a soprano in a choir where I’m also social secretary, I’m involved in the Cardiff Business School Society, and I’m both a Student Ambassador and Student Rep. I’m also currently completing the Cardiff Award (which you’ll see me talk about in a separate blog post very soon) and I’m a marketing intern on the side, too.

In my spare time I enjoy ordering far too much takeaway with my wonderful house mates (Pizza Milano is our absolute fave thing ever) and watching conspiracy theory videos on YouTube. I wish I was joking.

Why Cardiff?
I had five UCAS choices, like most people do. I applied for Business Management courses at Kings College London, Essex, Winchester, London Met and Cardiff- but admittedly only went to open days for Winchester, Cardiff and Essex. I got offers from all of these places, but settled on Cardiff. Taking a gap year (I applied for deferred places) gave me a lot of time to think about where I wanted to go.

Despite Kings College being slightly higher in the University Rankings, I settled on Cardiff because it is still a very good university and is still a Russell Group Member. The high rent and living costs of the London universities put me off, and Cardiff appealed to me because it was a lot easier on the (small) student loans we get! Rent is very reasonable in Cardiff, and since its quite a small city, transport is often not required.

I’m so glad I went to Cardiff because to be honest, there’s so much to do. There are endless shops, restaurants, theatres, parks, student events, and it’s all so accessible.

My Business Management Course
The requirements for the course are A,A,B at A-Level, and there’s no requirement to have studied Business at sixth form – in fact I studied English, Modern History, Sociology and Media Studies, so quite a mix. There is an element of mathematics which differs from some business courses I looked at – there’s an accounting module and a statistics one in first year, as well as a performance and financial management module in second year (all compulsory). However, there are maths support groups offered if that’s something you struggle with so don’t let that put you off. The rest are essay / management report based, and there’s quite a few exams admittedly than other courses – I had nine exams in Year One and I’ll have seven in Year Two.

In first year, all seven modules are compulsory. In second year you can choose your route or your ‘specialism’ – you can focus on either Human Resources Management, Marketing, Operations, or just do the straight ‘Business Management ‘ course. I’ve chosen the marketing specialism, which means I study modules in Buyer Behaviour and Marketing Research on top of the compulsory modules that everyone, regardless of route, takes. In second year you also get to pick an optional module from a selection, depending on where your interests lie. In first year I had between 12-15 contact hours weekly – this is around the same as what I’m doing now in second year. On top of that, we are expected to do around 20 hours individual study weekly.

The Business School offer unique opportunities such as a sixth month placement in the second term of second year, and endless ways you can involve yourself in work experience – more about this later!



I think I’ll end it here because otherwise I’ll be talking about my degree for hours! I plan to cover more course information in following posts! Please let me know if you have any questions about university life or the Business Management degree programme and I’ll answer these in my next blog post or reply to you directly!

Have a great week,

Chloe xo

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