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Missing the home away from home…

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What brought me to Cardiff University?

In 2011, I was studying my first year of degree in Psychology at HELP University, Malaysia. I was considering of transferring my course credits to continue my second and third year of degree at Cardiff University. Knowing about my plan, Dr Lewis Bott sent me an email to invite me to have chat with him face-to-face. I admit that I was not fluent in English and thus made me nervous in meeting a British person. I was SO worried that I couldn’t understand the British accent and that Dr Lewis could not understand my broken English! The day before meeting Dr. Lewis, I was practicing question and answers with my roommate (thank you, you know who you are) as if I was going for a job interview. Reminiscing about those times, I giggle to myself (in my mind) and think to myself, look how far we’ve come.


As expected, Dr Lewis was very sweet and kind. The chat with him went well and he answered my queries about studying Psychology and living in Cardiff. By the way, this was my first ever encounter with a Caucasian #achievementunlocked. I felt so relieved when he could actually understand my English.


This very first contact with Dr Lewis showed me the dedication and sincerity of the School of Psychology. To be frank, except for the high teaching quality, the meeting with Dr Lewis was one of the more important factors that led me to choose Cardiff University over my other choices. Not only that, Dr Lewis invited me to attend his guest lecture at HELP University after our chat. He presented his research on cognitive psychology and I was so impressed by him, and the school. During the lecture, he introduced the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) which was a paid summer internship opportunity for year 2 students. I was very keen on joining the program. Thus, I decided to come to Cardiff and aimed to get a place in the UROP. Thankfully, my dream came true to join the UROP.


Over the summer of 2012, I worked as a research assistant for Cardiff Child Development Study (CCDS) under the supervision of Professor Dale Hay, whom is a brilliant Developmental Psychologist and also received several government grants for research. This experience was indispensable.


Dr Lewis is the one who inspired me to come to Cardiff University. The memory of meeting him and listening to his lecture is still vivid up to now. If not because of him, I may not have chosen to pursue my study at Cardiff University.  The whole experience of tertiary education in Cardiff University has made an immense positive impact in my life.


Thanks Dr Lewis.

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