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What I’ve learnt in my first year at Uni.

Hi, so now all of my lectures have finished and I only have five exams left, I was thinking about everything thats happened over my first year at uni. So heres a list of random things that I’ve learnt during my first year of university. The majority of these things thankfully aren’t actually things I’ve done but things I’ve seen other students do.
1.) Anything containing caffeine is great and counts as breakfast.
2.) Any lectures before noon are considered as being ridiculously early.
3.) Finding random people in your flat after your flatmates have had a night out is completely normal.
4.) Your main news sources are facebook and twitter.
5.) Rubbish does not need to be taken out until there is so much in the kitchen that you have to climb over rubbish to get into the kitchen. (This drives me crazy!)
6.) If one person does not take rubbish out on their day, the next person will not take the rubbish out and of course the person after that will not take it out as it isn’t fair.
7.) Whilst the rubbish is overflowing, your bank account is not.
8.) What’s the point of clearing up a broken glass, why not just sweep it into a corner? And yes this also actually happened!
9.) You can never have too many naps. Uni life revolves around naps.
10.) Your underwear/sock supply dictates your laundry schedule.
11.) You check Facebook more than once a day.
12.) You wash dishes in the bathroom sink.
13.) Drunken twister is never a good idea and I mean never!
14.) Eating just one or two meals a day is normal.
15.) You try to study but constantly find new ways to procrastinate instead.
16.) When you ask people if they had a good night out the reply will often be ‘I think so, but I’m not quite sure what happened.’
17.) Certain photos are now deemed facebook worthy when last year they would have been deleted.
18.) Lectures are the perfect time for a quick nap.
19.) Travelling home with bags full of dirty washing is perfectly acceptable.
20.) You will spend a crazy amount of money on a book you will only read once of twice.
21.) Going out on a weeknight is normality for most students – except for me. Im a bit of a hermit and like my sleep.
22.) When people leave their washing up over holidays you arrive back to a smelly kitchen and plates covered in icky mold.
23.) Going to the library is a social event – the librarians know pretty much everything about everyone.
24.) Leaving even one essay till the day before it’s due in is crazy let alone leaving five. (Yes I actually no someone who did this!)
25.) Collecting mail is extremely exciting.
26.) Practically any game can be made into a drinking game.
27.) Printers always stop working at the moment you need them the most.
28.) Practically anything can be cooked in a microwave.
29.) Microwave minutes are far longer than normal minutes.
30.) A cancelled lecture is almost as exciting as Christmas.
31.) Taking a nap in the library is perfectly acceptable.
32.) You take anything that’s free.
33.) You always lose some of your own socks and gain someone else’s when doing laundry.
34.) Christmas decorations are acceptable all year round.
35.) Fire alarms are evil things and you are no longer thankful that they are there to protect you – especially when they go of a 3am >(
36.) Ketchup is a necessity.
37.) Spell check, Google and Wikipedia are amazing.
38.) It’s perfectly normal to do your laundry at midnight.
39.) Dressing up for Halloween is cool again.
40.) You set your clock 5-10 minutes ahead so you can potentially make it to class on time.
41.) You can eat canned food out of the can – saves washing up.
42.) When you run out of black ink and, instead of buying a new ink cartridge, you decide blue is a nice substitute… adds a little flair.
43.) It is perfectly acceptable to sleep until 2pm.
44.) Never wear heels to carnage – your feet will die!
45.) And most importantly from my ethno lectures I have learnt that musicians are; cool, powerful and sexy.

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