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Intrepid traveller with an irrational fear of onions

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What’s Occurrin’?

It literally feels as if absolutely no time has passed at all since i was last sat in the library, resuming my day to day life in Cathays. And that’s the beauty of uni- you can be away from some of your best friends for 4 and a half months, on the other side of the world and be in different time zones, and you can just pick up where you left off. The first night back in Cardiff inevitably led me to the shiny new students union, where my whole night was essentially the opening scene of Love Actually (emotional airport reunions). In fact a lot of my friends thought i had abandoned uni altogether for Fiji Island life and dropped out to become a professional sunbather (I wish). But no matter how amazing my travels were, i could never abandon the chance of a final year of being a student in Cardiff! How could i miss out on all these beautiful (sober) faces?!

Even though i’m now a dreaded third year, i am just loving uni life so much and having the best time ever to be honest. I’m in that great place where i’ve got some amazing friends, a lovely house and have got my head around what my degree demands from me- sort of!? And it’s so nice to finally live in a house with my best friends and all cook dinner together and have sleep overs like we’re in year 6 again. I had a deep meaning conversation with one of my housemates recently, over a bottle wine, about how sad it will be when we’re all finished and the end of uni is nigh. Never again in our lives will we probably have so much fun all the time with so many friends constantly surrounding us. And that’s exactly why i remind myself everyday that i need to make the most of every opportunity at uni and leave with no regrets. This is starting to sound like i’ve had some sort of epiphany or vision, but you get my drift!

Unfortunately all this fun does mean i’m struggling somewhat with the financial side of life, especially as i’ve booked onto the uni ski trip in December, but i have absolutely no doubts at all that it will be one of the greatest weeks of my uni career. And i’m having some serious withdrawal symptoms from not shredding the powder everyday! So in the words of the new aptly named Wednesday night at the Union “YOLO”- I’m just gonna splash out on having a great year.

As well as having a jolly old time skiing, my friends and I have decided to make a bucket list of sorts and make sure we do all the great things Cardiff has to offer, before we leave. And for our first task, we ventured slightly out of Cardiff to the beautiful Brecon Beacons, to hike Pen-Y-Fan. We were slightly unnerved to see plenty of hikers surrounding us on the ascent in proper outdoorsy “gear” (walking poles included), because of course the most suitable thing i had was a pair of Nike Athena’s. But nonetheless i managed to scramble up the big rocky hill and take in the breathtaking scenery. Anyone would think we were in New Zealand!


And although, sadly, my tan is starting to fade, i know i’ve got a lifetime of travelling before me and only one more year as a student. Which of course means i need to watch the whole Gavin & Stacey series all over again, just familiarise myself with the real “Welsh” culture So i’m going to take this last year and run with it- i defy you to find another 3rd year who’s determined to have as much fun! See you at the bar

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