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I'm a loud-mouthed Londoner with a love for wine, eating out and having Twitter debates.

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Why it’s so important to vote in Student Elections…

I’m on a bit of an election hype at the moment considering my last post was on the General Election! But with a week until student elections begin, what should you know about it?

Well, for a start you vote for 7 full-time officer roles, and 9 part-time officer roles. Full-time positions are SU President, VP Welfare, VP Eduation, VP Societies, VP Heath Park, VP Sports and this year a designated full-time VP Postgrad that is taking the place of VP Media & Marketing whose position was abolished during the recent AGM.

The part-time officer roles include: Students’ with Disabilities, Black & Ethnic Minorities, LGBT+, LGBT+ (women’s), Ethical and Environmental, Welsh Language, Mature Students, International Students’, Women’s.

The full-time officers work 35 hours per week, from June to June with their salaries being £19,959 for the SU President and £19,499 for the VP roles. The part-time officer roles are non-paid and you carry them out alongside your studies.

It’s SO important for you to vote for people you want in these elected roles, they represent your rights and interests as a student and if you can’t really complain about issues surrounding the Students’ Union if you haven’t voted and had your say.

I’m pleased to have quite a good relationship with some of those elected officers currently, and since being a student here I’ve always voted in all elections and by-elections that they’ve held. I think it’s really important to read peoples’ manifestos and really consider who you think will best represent you in their role.

Elections open on Monday 23rd February at 9am, and all week you’ll see the hopeful students campaigning around campus – but don’t be swayed by free sweets and funny costumes, really think about who you want to see in the committee 2015/16!



One comment

  1. Hello Vicky,
    Thanks for highlighting this fact!
    Elections are a important part of our Society and boycotting them is certainly not what is expected!
    Student Elections are fun always, with different parties and interesting slogans. There’s a different kind of aggression in student elections that we don’t find in actual ones.
    My child ran for a coordinator post last year. It was an interesting experience for me as well.
    I chose a good slogan for Him. I actually took help of ;) but it was fun anyway!

    Thanks. Nice blog. Keep writing!

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