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Why Physics?

Have you ever gone star gazing? Lay on your back in the garden and watched the stars twinkle as you lay there, mapping constellations in your mind? It used to be my favourite pastime when I was really little, star gazing. It wasn’t until I was 13 and I started my GCSEs that I realized that not only is Physics fascinating, there was a whole subject dedicated to studying space. Imagine my delight, my determination to eventually be able to tell people that ‘I study Physics!’ (I get quite a lot of funny looks at that now; people can’t believe that I enjoy Physics as much as I do. My favourite response so far is ‘But you’re a girl!’ Well observed, I am. I also love Physics and am perfectly capable of studying in the same room as smelly boys- who really aren’t that smelly anyways.).


Less than a year after the end of Sixth Form, I am happily experimenting with dropping cupcake cases and pouring liquid nitrogen over the floor (it was meant to be cooling something to investigate the properties of a metal when it was really cold, but it’s an inexact science tipping cold liquids in a funnel, and, well. It goes everywhere. Oops?). I have learnt all about Mechanics and Matter, and am in the middle of my Electricity, Magnetism and Waves module. There’s quite a lot of maths involved in everything. Everything is maths.


First year is crazy busy, and full of learning new things, like equations and new ways of thinking (because they don’t tell you when you’re doing A-levels, but when you start to really look at things part of the fun of the problem is solving it by yourself, having been given the information and knowledge you need) and you are simultaneously trying to learn how to cook and finding your way around a new city but really and truly being able to study Physics all day every day is all I’ve wanted for so long and it is definitely worth the wait and every moment of pain I went through in year 13. The other thing is, year 13 is the worst year. It only gets better.

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